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Nice quote, Sparkle!!!
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Nice quote sparklemaman!!!!!

I always liked, "Life is what happens when we're making other plans."

AFM - Today is O day! Yeah!!!!! Any of my cycle buddies with me? JustJenny, devilish, lidamama, anybody else?

dakipode - Any word from the doc's office?
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Xerxella: Yay for O!!! I think I might be around O day too...lots of cm...but in the interest of staying zen, I'm paying attention and then letting it go...


AFM: So I started taking maca yesterday...but unfortunately I bought the regular kind, not the gelatinized kind, so I have to take a bigger dose, but I don't find it tastes too bad. I just stir it into my yogurt. Either way, next time I think I will go with capsules, if I can find them. I hope it gives me more energy. I also started running last week, with the goal of running 3x/week. However, I surprised myself and am actually running almost every day on my lunch break (just 2k, don't want to get sweaty for work, lol) Hopefully the running plus eating better (I have totally cleaned up my diet!!) will help me feel better and be in better shape for pregnancy.


In other news, DH looked at me on Friday and said "let's have another!" Eek! So happy to have him 100% on board and coming out with that by himself :D  He wanted to start trying straight away, but I'm still feeling like waiting until the new year is a better plan. Sorry, I know I'm repetitive about this!!


In other, other news, my boss offered me a temporary promotion yesterday, until the end of March. It totally took me by surprise, since I didn't think they could do that (lots of staffing cuts lately). Either way, I want my job situation to be a little more stable and permanent before TTCing...

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LilyKay Welcome! I think Xerxella said it best: a loss is a loss, and you are allowed to grieve. I hope your journey in TTC #2 is a sane one. Best of luck to you.

Xerxella Hooray for O! And have fun on your vacation!

Sparklemaman Thank you for that quote. I've watched some of his lectures on Netflix and enjoyed them very much.

Lidamama Sounds like things are lining up for you! You're taking care of yourself, DH is on board and a promotion (even if only temporary)?! The universe is hearing your request.

AFM: you ladies must think I'm a total idiot who can't read an HPT but I swear my two cheapies and my expensive one were all negative! However, according to the bloodwork I am miraculously pregnant! It's very weird and the last 24 hours have been a total mind f*** because I also happened to unexpectedly have to euthanize my cat last night. So last night at the emergency vet I hadn't told DH yet and I thought: I can't tell him here... I'm totally conflicted about feeling happy and sad at the same time... I'm due at the fertility clinic for an ultrasound next week to confirm that there really is something there. I don't feel pregnant at all. I was completely baffled when the nurse called me with the result.
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OMG, Dakipode congrats!!!!!  Yay!  Congrats!  Sending good vibes for your scan next week.  (And so sorry about your cat.  That is really hard.  I lost my first dog right before I got pregnant with my DS.)


Waves, hugs and hello to everyone else!  I am following along and rooting for everyone!  

(Not commenting much as I am really battling some pretty wretched 24/7 morning sickness and trying to limit computer time as it makes it worse.)

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Wow, Dakipode. That's a lot to handle. I'm so sorry about your cat. I hope you find some nice time tonight to tell dh the wonderful news. So, how pregnant are you? What was the HCG result? Will they be doing a second test? Hey, I almost forgot....


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CONGRATS, DAKIPODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  love.gif


I'm so very happy to hear there is a little bean in there :) Hopefully you get a chance to talk to DH and you both get a chance to feel the joy. FWIW, I didn't know I was pregnant until 6 weeks along in each of my pregnancies.

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Xerxella The nurse didn't tell me numbers. I had the first one on Friday though I only got the callback yesterday and she sent me for another one this morning and just heard back from that before posting here. She said they're rising according to schedule... shrug.gif. I'm 5 weeks and change (24DPO). My "official" due date, she told me over the phone, is actually my birthday: July 19th!
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Congrats Dakipode!!!!!

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And I am so sorry about your cat - that is so so so difficult.....

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Thanks, mirpmama! Haven't seen you around before. Are you TTC?

If you gals don't mind I'll stick around till the new moon next month. Let me know if you're interested in taking over the thread at that point.
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Thank you guys for the warm welcome innocent.gif I have no where else at the moment to voice my feelings about TTC.

dakipode, WOW Congratulations!! joy.gifIt's such a happy/confusing time at the beginning! I remember the first time it did not feel real until I saw a tiny beating heart on the screen (it was such an awesome moment, I still get all worked up about it when I remember!).

A good friend of mine is pregnant and now almost at 9 weeks. It is her second pregnancy and she says she's not feeling pregnant at all (no symptoms other than the jeans getting too tight to close). I also don't remember feeling anything until after the first ultrasound so it must've been week 7 or so. So I think it is very normal that you're not feeling much. And by the way, in my obsessive Google search on negative pregnancy tests, I found loads of stories of women testing negative well into their 10 or 11th week!

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In my effort not to make TTC an obsessive endeavor... yesterday I was looking at DD and thinking about the time we conceived her. It hit me all of a sudden why I probably ovulated early (and got pregnant) that particular cycle. We were so utterly bored yet so happy and relaxed! I was visiting my partner (who was working the south of France at the time) and we had literally nothing to do and no where to go. It was so cold outside, we just slept so much, ate a lot of good food, watched movies and ahem... did other things. I remember it as a peaceful, happy, nothing-to-do time.


This is so different from this time around: run to work then run to the day care, put DD for a nap and cook, clean, run errands... collapse exhausted at 9 when she is finally in bed. I've been skipping lunch a lot (wondering why i feel so week at 4 in the afternoon), drinking a lot of coffee and catching breakfast on the go. I want to make my life more peaceful, less hectic. So small changes I'm making: getting up a tad bit earlier, having a good breakfast at home and remembering to take my supplements (Vit. D, Folic acid and fish oil), eating a salad for lunch, and relaxing a bit about my loooooong list of todos.  I took extra vacation days for Christmas, and we're finally admitting that we have to plan the Christmas season (what to do when) so that we don't end up overwhlemed like every year. Today I've also axed a couple of appointments that would've just added to the stress.


And one particular thing that is keeping my spirits up while waiting... yesterday I thought of a few things I will be able to do if I don't get pregnant this cycle. My favorite is a short visit to the spa/sauna with DP on one of two half days that we have to ourselves.


Any particular thing you guys are doing to keep your spirits up?

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dakipode - That's very zen of you. I would have to know the numbers to know for myself that they're rising appropriately. (But, that may have more to do with my losses than anything else.) Are they sending you for a third test? Usually, if they're very happy with the first 2, they won't bother, but some docs like a third test no matter what. I can probably take the thread if I don't get a BFP in 2 weeks. I DO believe in the luck of the thread keeper.

lilykay - TTC#2 is definitely different than #1! Somehow, it still all works out though.... Mostly, I stay distracted taking care of my 2 and working and making couple time with dh. That fills all of my time. smile.gif

AFM - I'm not obsessing.... I'm not obsessing... I'm not obsessing... BUT... the OPKs are still + and no convincing temp rise this morning! Sigh. Hey, at least I get a little more action tonight! winky.gif
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LilyKay Thanks for sharing your story about seeing your DD's heartbeat. I read yesterday that the heart starts beating pretty early on and I was surprised. That would probably make it a little more real. Just out of curiosity I POAS'd this morning I did get a line so now it's not just the nurse's word against mine. LOL!
I loved reading about your time in France. It reminded me of a discussion I had with a wise friend of mine about feeling different when I'm home. Not just because mom is taking care of me, I just feel more self assured and assertive when I'm there and in a sense more at peace with who I am. She asked me what it would take to recreate that feeling here and what elements from life at home can I incorporate into my life to remind myself that I can be that confident person. It really helped me to look at the ritual side of things, the little habits that you have and you're not necessarily aware of. Perhaps, looking back on that more peaceful time in your life there are elements that you can incorporate in your life now.

Xerxella She didn't mention anything about a third test, only the US. I think the whole threadkeeper's luck is more of an odds thing: eventually when you've been TTC for so long you volunteer to take over at the time when odds for conception are in your favor just because you've been trying for so long... But we can go along with the magical thinking too if that works better for you. smile.gif Good luck tonight!
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Hi! Yes, we are trying to conceive.  This was our 4th cycle trying for number 4.  I do not have a good feeling about it, and have not the whole month....not sure why.....anyway, I will test on the 26th if AF has not arrived, I expect it to arrive right on time on day 32....  We will have to take the next 2 months off because of an unschooling celebration at Disney World in Sept of 2013....it is right in the middle of the month - dont want to bring a 2 week old and cant go 38 weeks pregnant.....2 months off is scaring the crap out of me with my age.....i feel like our chances will slip away......2 months off would be good for me to get back in shape and i could enjoy wine with the holidays...but still...ok, i am just babbling now...sorry.

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Wow, dakipode - Congratulations on your BFP! joy.gifWhat a mix of emotions to lose your cat that same day - I just can't imagine.


Afm, I'll be taking a break for a little while. AF arrived right on time this morning - I could tell it was probably coming for the past two days and living in this weird place of hope and denial, optimism and frustration. My DW and I have decided to use December to hit a "reset button" on our preparations, expectations, and confidence so that we can start fresh with the new year. 


Best of luck to all, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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sphinxy- sorry af came hug2.gif Hope you and DW have a wonderful and relaxing Dec.


xerxella- I'm pretty sure I O'd cd 15. Hope you get your temp rise soon!


Dakipode - OMG! Congratulations!!!!! I'm so happy for you!joy.gifjumpers.gif

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Originally Posted by dakipode View Post

Xerxella I think the whole threadkeeper's luck is more of an odds thing: eventually when you've been TTC for so long you volunteer to take over at the time when odds for conception are in your favor just because you've been trying for so long... But we can go along with the magical thinking too if that works better for you. smile.gif Good luck tonight!

dakipode - I'm sure you're right, but, hey it sounds good in getting people to volunteer! winky.gif BTW, I'm just so stinking happy for you!!!!

mirpmama - Aahhhhh, I remember the days of thinking that far ahead.... When we didn't try in March because I didn't want a Christmas baby.... Now, I figure if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant and get a keeper at my age (37) we'll figure it out/change our plans.

sphinxy - Sorry about af. greensad.gifhug.gif I REALLY hate that time when you know she's coming, but she's not here yet. It's almost a relief when she finally shows up, so you can just let go and hit the reset button.

justjenny - Yeah for an O!!!! May you not even notice the 2ww!

AFM - Woohoo! We leave for vacation tomorrow! I can't wait!
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Dakipode Just logged in and saw your awesome news. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gifjumpers.gifenergy.giflove.gif   blowkiss.gifI cannot tell you how very happy and excited I am for you. I told you, those two car accidents were the waves through the universe needed to bring you back some positive karma. And just so you know, I had NO symptoms at all with my DD until 6 weeks, when I had morning sickness (which was constant) but only for about 10 days in duration. And I had a full term, healthy pregnancy. I think it is actually pretty unusual to have much in the way of definitive signs or symptoms early on, despite what many books and web sites will have you believe. Oh, I am just thrilled for you!!!


I am also very sorry about your cat, that is so, so hard. It is totally okay to feel both the sad and happy conflicting emotions. I know you know this but you do need to let yourself experience both, to grieve and to celebrate.


Xerxella I always liked that quote too!! I also am fond of Vivian Greene's take: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about Learning To Dance In The Rain.” These little wisdoms help me keep things in perspective in times of sadness or despair. Thinking of you and Fx!! Enjoy your vacation!!


LilyKay Welcome and good luck!


Beingmommy Hope the morning sickness passes soon. It is awful while it is with you, but also a reassuring sign!


Sphinxy I am so sorry. I have been thinking of you and was really hoping this would be your month. hug2.gif I hope you and your DW enjoy the holidays and find some peace and comfort, balance and centering, as you move forward.


JustJenny and Mirpmama Fingers Crossed!!


AFM, AF is finishing up and I am waiting to O, likely mid-late next week. I am trying not to put any pressure on myself or on our timing. I am going to try to let go, relax and see what happens. Striving for zen here, this is a real stretch for me. One day at a time. . .

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