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My face is ouwee

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DD, almost 3-yo, said this afternoon.

She does not have anything red on her face. 

She also said she has ouchie in her right ear, which I looked and found something red and bumpy. looked like some kind of bug bites, maybe mosquito?

When she woke up from nap, she was very tired and kind of um... drunk stage. Not too out of it, but still somewhat lethargic, she kept saying she is tired and wants to go to sleep. She was mostly happy, she ate some rice porridge. 

but she has been saying her face hurts.

Usually after taking a nap, she does not go to sleep til 9 p.m., but she was already asleep at 8 p.m..

I know something is off.

Could mosquito bite in her ear do this?

I'm not sure where to look and what to do now.

do any of you have experience like this?

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It could be an abcess, I would go to a doctor

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I don't know what it could be, but I would definitely call her doctor.
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