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Blisters in diaper area

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My DD is in cloth during the day and disposables at night (Pampers)


Last week when I changed her nappy first thing she had what looked like a small blisters/white head in the crease of her leg where the edge of the diaper is.  I though it had maybe got pinched or was from sweating or something.  At the same time she had a really terrible cold and was quite miserable so I put her in disposables full time so I could changer her every 3 hours instead of two to give her a break.  Each day she would have two new blisters either in the fold of her log or top of her groin area, during the day they would burst and be gone.  She is now back in cloth during the day but the blisters are continuing.  This morning there was one half the size of my pinky nail.  They are filled with a yellowish/white liquid.


I was worried about hand foot and mouth.  I checked in her mouth and found a couple of white bumps.  I had to be at the health visitors the next day so I rang and asked them if they wanted me to come or not because of infection risk.  When I explained everything the nurse said it might be a mild case of chicken pox and not to come to the office.  Well if it was either of those I would of thought she would of stopped getting them by now (it's been a week in total).  She hasn't had a fever and is otherwise perfectly well.  I wondering if this could be some kind of diaper rash?  She has never had a diaper rash, not even any redness.


I have put her in sposies full time for now, covered in diaper cream and am using cloth wipes with just with a bit of warm water and soap (I usually use disposable wipes).  Could it be that she is irritated by the disposable diapers?  She was in Pampers full time up to 5 months and I have been using best bottoms for about 2 months.  I wash the shells and inserts on a delicate 30c cycle with half a cap of Ecover, remove the shells and wash the inserts on a cotton 2 hour 60c wash with no detergent.


I have a photo on my phone of the big blister from today but I'm not sure how to get it on here...It is NO WHERE near as bad as any of the pics I can find on google.  If what I'm doing now hasn't helped by Friday I will take her to the doctors, is there anything else I could be doing?  She hasn't eaten or drunk anything unusual...

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Is there a chance it could be thrush? Any antibiotics lately (for her or you)? My DD has not had thrush but I read that white in the mouth is a sign and yeasty diaper area is another. Google thrush and see if the blisters you see look anything like it. Thrush is stubborn and probiotics usually help (they replace healthy bacteria that help get the yeast under control. My DD had a mild case of hand foot and mouth but for her it looked like dry, flaky red areas, not blisters. I could be totally off but it's important to eliminate thrush as a possibility. The diaper cream can actually foster yeast and you may have to wash your BB inserts in hot water a few times to kill the yeast off (the PUL covers are probably fine). I'd call the dr and say you suspect thrush and they can see if it is. If so then an anti fungal cream may be given and probiotics can be started for her. The diapering forum has a few older threads on thrush and probably a few moms that can give you ideas on how to sanitize the diaps so they don't bring the yeast back to baby. I hope that helps; if nothing else it's a good idea to eliminate thrush as a possibility. Good luck and hugs to you and baby!
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Looking at the pics, I don't think it's thrush, the blisters aren't close together or near her butt, there's also very little redness.


There where no new blisters when I changed her diaper this morning so fingers crossed the inch thick layer of cream is helping!  I think not using the wipes helps too, I'm just patting her all over with a soapy cloth, then a cloth with just water and then patting her dry, hopefully we've turned a corner redface.gif

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The day after this there wss one new blister, the day after no blister...  I'm off to the doctors just to check it out.  We are off to visit family for a week next week so i want to make sure I know what it is by then...

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I hope you get some answers at your appt! Not knowing is the worst
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