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Best smoothie ingredients for boosting child's immunity

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I need ideas for what smoothie ingredients would pack in the most nutrients targeted to boost my 4-year-old's immunity as we head into cold and flu season. Other than Vitamin C, I'm not even sure which nutrients to focus on. He is not a healthy child. He's always the first to get sick in our family. Last year he had a perpetual cold from November to February plus other illnesses. He had a very rough start to life and we adopted him through foster care, so he doesn't have the good foundation of breastfeeding and a healthy start like my other kids.

Palatability is extremely important as he has (for good reason) resistance to many foods and textures that are far beyond pickiness. He is autistic, cognitively challenged, and a victim of past trauma including mental food insecurity and malnutrition (we adopted him through foster care) -- all of which add to his resistance to eating things he's unsure about. He eats inconsistently, so it's hard to get nutrients in through table food.

He accepts ice cream and smooth yogurt (no chunks), so if I could mimic those he might drink it. He was prescribed PediaSure and drank that all the time when he literally would eat no food for the first year with us, so something with that thick, milky texture seems OK.

It's best if it would go through a sippy cup. He has some oral and mental reasons that he gets most of his drinks through a sippy.

Sweet is probably more likely to be accepted. I have plenty of our own maple syrup and honey from our land if those would help.

We know of no allergies.
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I'm sorry that your son is frequently sick. I hope that this year is better for him.


Perhaps you could add powdered spirulina or other powdered greens to your son's smoothies for minerals. Also raw egg yolk from reputable free-range chickens.


My reading on autism is that sugars are to be avoided, as well as gluten. Additionally, a casein-free (milk-free) diet has been shown to improve functioning in autistic children and adults. Perhaps his health would also improve if he could be weaned away from these foods.


Best wishes


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I am somewhat of a smoothie novice, but this is what I add to my kids' smoothies:


Almond / soy / regular milk

Goji berries

Chia seeds

Protein powder

Baby spinach

Cup of greek yogurt (could be left out, but makes it more milkshake-like)

Frozen banana

Frozen fruit (peach, mango, or berries)


I'm sure you could add fresh juices (like carrot, beet, or orange) for more vitamin C.

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Colloidal silver has no taste.  I add it to smoothies.  Also a small amount of spirulina or cod liver oil (these do change the taste).  Frozen blueberries--lots of natural benefits.  Liquid type superfoods (the one I have now is called Orac Super 7).   I do lots of "stealth health" that way.  I usually put in soymilk, greek yogurt, maple syrup, honey, colloidal silver, frozen fruit, 2 bananas, scoop of protein powder, ice cubes, fresh squeezed lemon or orange, and a small amount of an otherwise objectionable thing like the things mentioned above.  I have heard that a very acidic juice like cranberry neutralizes the spirulina taste, but I haven't tried that yet.  The kids like the purple of the blueberries.  Then if you add the spirulina, the color's not as nice--so then I put it in an opaque cup with a lid and straw. 


Colloidal silver does indeed help immunity.  It's well-researched and has been used since the 1800's.  I have observed it in my own kids. You can research it and see what you think.  Even Curad has just come out with a gel for wounds that includes silver (Topical:  http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=346184&catid=184303&aid=338666&aparam=goobase_filler). 


In terms of edible colloidal silver, I bought the last one I got from Youngevity, but you can more easily get it from Swanson http://www.swansonvitamins.com/earths-bounty-colloidal-silver-10-ppm-4-fl-oz-liquid. It has no taste at all.  You can even put it in water. 

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