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Annoyed & somewhat disappointed

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I applied for a higher-level position here; one w/ supervisory responsibility ,etc. I know I would be good in this job. I just found out today that I'm not on the short list of interviewees b/c there were others who applied w/ more mgmt experience or a wider variety of the sort of thing they're looking for here.

Now, I understand the reasoning, but it annoys me that I'm not even being given a chance. As an inside candidate, I know a lot of the issues at stake here, have good working relationships w/ other managers in the library, & would be able to hit the ground running.

Also I'm sick--I've had a bad cold for a couple of days--and this makes me grumpy, which probably is making me more annoyed than I otherwise would be.

Maybe it's fate conspiring to force me to move to New England after all...
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Sorry about the disappointing news. It's really frustrating to make the effort (physical as well as emotional) to go for something better and then be treated as though you shouldn't have even bothered.

Yeah, maybe it's for the best and all that stuff, but I get the sense you aren't quite ready to be philosophical about it yet (or treat it as "another learning experience"). I say feel the feeling, then. You'll know when you are ready to process it and move on.

Chin up!

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Nate, sorry you didn't get a crack at the job!

In my academic library, there definitely seems to be a bias against in-house candidates. I'm not quite sure why, but somebody from the outside nearly always has the edge.

Hope you feel better soon. And New England is wonderful...
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((big hugs)) I have soo been there! Hope something else comes your way!

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Thanks everyone.

It's funny, when my supervisory told me that I wasn't in the initial list of finalists, I didn't even feel surprised. I just said thank you for telling me & left. Now I just want to go home, see dd & dh, and cry.

I think I'll go do that. Maybe I can even convince dh that we need to go out for dinner. My cold needs some Chinese noodles & broth...
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mmm, chinese noodles with dh's homemade chicken broth and chinese mushrooms...yummm!

that's bound to make anybody feel better...but here's a hug, too!

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