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I built one for my DD from the ana.white.com plans. 

She is 3yrs and 4 months now. I built it about 2 years ago.

We still get lots of use from it. She can now get up in it and use the sink to wash her own hands and face before and after meals. 

She also likes to help rinse the dishes. And we use it to let her help bake and cook. Which at 3 she is of more help now than before. 

We also use it to hang the dish drying cloth on...and other misc. things.

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Oh awesome, so your darling will be getting it about the same age as my darling, and how nice to know it's been in use the whole time.  I need to implement a hand-washing before eating routine (Gross that I haven't, I know.), and of course she wants to be right up in the action while I cook.


With the long break my weekend carpenter says it's nearly ready for inspection.  I'm getting really excited!

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Ours is great my dd loves using it for playing colours in the sink. Only rec I have is to put a towel on the stAnd bit before any set work as it can be slippery. We bake every day and it is the best investment we have made so far.... Only bummer is livi my in nz meant I had to pay a third of the price again in postage from Australia - Still so worth it it.
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We've gotten regular daily use of ours since 18 months and DD is now turning 3. We park it up at the wet bar that has been converted into an art cabinet/space. We also drag it into the kitchen  for food prep. Our only issue is that sometimes DD tries to balance on the edge so we say "Two feet on the tower or the tower goes away" and talk about falling down.

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It's done! It's done! It just needs to be stained. I'm so excited, when it's dry I'll take a picture of it for y'all.

It's been so good to hear how much use everyone has gotten out of their tower, and how much their toddlers love it. Also, it's good to know about things like needing a towel on the platform when it's wet... she's a slip and fall accident waiting to happen, my little girl. Today she slipped in her outdoor shoes on the dry, clean sidewalk. Go figure. But I think she's going to LOVE this tower. I can't wait to give it to her!
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Ooh! Exciting! I can't wait to see what Grampa came up with but our big reveal won't be until Christmas. The suspense is killing me lol
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Alrighty, I changed my mind about the finish once or twice and finally settled on this beautiful deep blue paint, which will match other trim in the house.  My husband was a little unhappy that I kept needing to see the finished product before changing my mind, but it's finally truly done, and in the house, and here's the result of 9 months of hamburgers and molasses cookies chilling out in it. 


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Mrsgregory, the tower is beautiful and your kiddo is gorgeous!


We just had ours dropped off by Gramma and Grampa. A little late but just as fabulous!

Here's ours with monkey included joy.gif





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Aha, that stain looks similar to one of my first choices!  Your Little Monkey is super-huggable, and Grampa did and awesome job on that tower.

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