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Gift basket for a new mom to be

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I want to put a basket together for my best friend who's having a baby. I'm thinking all the things you need for the first couple of days/weeks.


So far I've got


a few magazines

snacks(trail mix and the like)

good boob pads


What are your must haves?

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-Lactation tea/cookies

-Zinc or a good PP multivitamin

-Champagne or something? (You know, along the lines of "Now you can drink!", although some women have the odd drink during pregnancy anyway and others completely abstain while BFing, so it may not be appropriate for her...)

-Voucher for an at-home massage (foot, head, shoulders, body, PP, whatever)

-Voucher for a cleaning lady

-Voucher for takeout

-Any kind of yummy biscuits, crackers, baking etc


And if you know her very well, cloth pads are much nicer than disposable. :p And there are herbal sitz baths, a la Earth Mama Angel Baby - I've never tried 'em, but they're supposed to be nice.


Anything pampering, anything that can help her claw her way back to the feeling of attractive womanhood again (fancy nail polish? fancy shampoo?), anything that'll make her life easier. Paper plates! A CD to listen to while BFing? I dunno. I'm sure she'll appreciate whatever you do. :)

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A nice foot lotion (I liked the peppermint Burt's Bees stuff) and/or regular lotion (I was partial to both the Burt's Bees milk and honey one, and a pomegranate-scented one by one of the organic mama-care companies - I forget which one). A six pack of vitamin water, sparkling water or whatever her favorite drink is. Her favorite candy bars or crackers. A small padded foot stool is nice if you want to get her something a little larger - makes getting comfortable while nursing so much easier, plus it's nice to be able to put your feet up. A nice flexible cold pack. Flowers - don't underestimate how wonderful flowers are to a new mom! Oh, if she doesn't have a spill proof insulated travel mug, get her one! They keep hot beverage hot for a long time, and spill proof is perfect for when you're knocking stuff over because you're sleep deprived. 

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These are awesome ideas!


Keep them coming Mamas!!!!!

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Drinks. I drank so much and got so bored of water, so lemons, cucumbers etc to spice water up too.

Muffins, if you are delivering it close to home time, or for the freezer


Cute pen like a Le Pen for writing thank you notes


Heating and cooling bags.


Cute coupons, like one period of baby adoration while mama showers or naps.

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gummy bears- those were awesome then... not sure why though :)  I second a contigo cup.... best baby gift ever!  I should buy stock in contigo.  An awesome water bottle (my contigo love stops at their water bottle though...), those cold breast pads- soothers or whatever they are called.  Lanolin, lip balm..  a nursing tank if you are splurging.

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