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Food: friend or foe?

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Last week, i couldn't get enough to eat...this week...it all looks and smells disgusting.  That means morning sickness is just around the corner for me...yay...


how about you guys??

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I vary from day to day. For example, last night my dinner consisted of a bunch of grapes, and today I've eaten like a bear. On days when I feel sick, I can't stomach looking at/smelling food. On days I don't feel sick, I need to load up eat.gif

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Nothing yet, I had nasuea for 6-7 months of my pregnancy with my 1st and still have leftover meds if I need them.  

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For me it depends too. It will come in spurts. I am hungry, but nothing sounds good and when I eat I feel sick. Then, all of the sudden I will know exactly what to get, and I will eat like it is going out of style. Then I will feel sick again....


I really have no idea what/how I am supposed to eat/not to eat. Can anymore give me some pointers? I know I am supposed to heat deli meat in the microwave until it is steaming....

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I'm pretty sure that after this pregnancy I will never eat bacon again...I was off pork for 25 years until the week before I discovered this pregnancy. Then I ate three packages of bacon in one week. And then I licked my plate. And then I rubbed the grease INTO MY HANDS.

My kids were looking at me like "Mom? Why are you rubbing breakfast into your skin?"
Never underestimating the power of a craving again. But I'm kinda grossing my self out just thinking about it right now. Sorry if this is too gross for anyone else. Gotta love Internet confessions.
Food is my friend and not my friend too. Luckily I feel ok in the morning and then like crap later so I can usually get a decent breakfast in before it all goes wrong by the afternoon. I have the feeling it hasn't hit fully yet. I'm eating as much as I can in anticipation of two months of gross.
Mostly bacon.
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Ha ha! Love bacon and fortunately I can still eat it, in fact had a lettuce wrap sandwich with lots of bacon for dinner tonight. I'm still working with my blood sugar (one of the reasons I suspect twins is that it's acting more like it does in my third trimester), so not eating much at all, except salads and meat. Working on getting some supplements to help get it in better control.
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If I don't eat my baby attacks me... orngtongue.gif Nah,  it gets to the point that my stomach feels like it is eating itself and very quickly. I have to stay on top of it or OUCH. But, I also can't eat too much or ugh... LOL - Great fun! I feel icky inside sometimes. I get gaggy when I brush my teeth, but it really isn't bad yet. Maybe the B6, milk thistle and RRL/peppermint tea are all doing their work and I won't ever get too bad off this pregnancy. That would be wonderful! 

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I'm at a stage where nothing sounds good and I'm too exhausted to cook anyway... But once I get my hands on food there's no stopping me. I've not had terrible nausea yet, just a general kind of "ick" feeling in my tummy. I'm taking B6, b12, chromium, and Magnesium which should all help with morning sickness so here's hoping it doesn't hit much harder smile.gif I took diclectin with my other 2 kids, hoping to avoid that this time around.
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i have to eat a lot...often. and i don't want to think or talk about food. i need a magic chef that just prepares things when i decide i need to eat...because it's like i realize i need to eat, then i realize i need to eat NOW. there's no lag time. my husband tries to discuss food options--i'm like, no way, just make it and serve it. can't stomach talking about food. so happy i haven't thrown up. last pregnancy it was awful...and lasted much longer than 1st trimester. i felt like i was coming close yesterday and today...but grateful i haven't! :)

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I'm kind of depressed. I'm already gaining weight. I'm not going food crazy, but if I don't eat when I feel like or the amount I feel like, I feel sick. Sucks... Maybe I should eat more fruits, veggies and broth. I have a tendency to gain a lot and it is hard to lose and I end up with borderline/high blood pressure at the end of pregnancy. Maybe because of the extra weight. :(

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dayiscoming- (((hugs))) mama!  I don't have a scale but I'm willing to be I've gained to.  And all I can think about is cheese burgers and poutine right now which isn't helping!  If you need to eat to feel well, do it and don't feel guilty!  If you're making healthy choices, the weight will take care of itself! :)

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Rick Bayless had a program on Saturday all about chorizo and I was salivating. So on Sunday DH, DD and I headed to the La Burrito Mercado, a mexican market/deli, and got chorizo, frijoles, tamales, chips, (supposedly mild) salsa and guac. I am rocking some leftover chorizo & tortillas right now and it is so wonderful. I'm sorry is this off topic? I just had to talk about the chorizo. I am in love. joy.gifChorizo love.

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LOL Garcia Family. That's great. I am all over the place still with food. Can't eat too much, can't eat too little or I got problems. But, I'm up 6 lbs from pre-preg weight... yikes. If there's 2 in there, maybe I'll feel more justified. If it's one, well, I couldn't control it so, oh well. It's worth it for the little one(s.) 

Hubby made a chicken soup that is just YUMMY! Way to go hubby. 

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I haven't weighed myself in the past week but I'm sure i've put on a little.  Like others, sometimes I feel completely disgusted by the thought of eating and other times I feel ravenous. I have to be careful to eat small amounts though bc I feel nasty if I eat too much. I am also super super bloated...and I'm betting that is part of the weight gain for many of us...

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Okay ladies, I have a confession. I trusted too much in chorizo. It was lust, not love. I can't even think of it without cringing. I thought I was more mature than that, alas. 

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Originally Posted by GarciaFamily View Post

Okay ladies, I have a confession. I trusted too much in chorizo. It was lust, not love. I can't even think of it without cringing. I thought I was more mature than that, alas. 

Ha ha! Isn't it funny how, even as adults, we manage to do stuff like that to ourselves?
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Okay, nausea has his me full force. All day long for the last several days. Not vomiting, thank goodness, but definitely having moments where I have to work to keep from doing so. And since I have to watch my carb intake to keep my blood sugar in check, I can't eat any of the things that normally help settle a stomach. So, food is definitely not my friend right now! One of the reasons I suspect twins is because my blood sugar is acting like I'm in the last trimester, which means, I can basically only have veggies and meat. Which do not sound appealing at all.
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Hugs lolliegee. greensad.gif Nut crackers? Would they work? 

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No, sadly. That's what I mean about my blood sugar. I can normally eat nuts until the third trimester when the hormones become too much. Now, even nuts are driving it up. Although, I did find a new supplement that is really helping, so once I get the dosages figured out, then maybe I could have nuts again.
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hug2.gifSheila, I couldn't imagine going through that. I hope you have been able to or are soon to reveal to your family about your pregnancy. I wouldn't want to fake happy me when I felt like crud.

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