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I tired eating citrus- it did not work.... It made it worse for me lol. I found i can keep soup down pretty well.
I cant apologize enough, i hope it wasnt b/c of me. I didnt explain enough, &its so hard to say whats works for one person can help another, but i really shouldve explained my process leading up to it more. Just wasnt thinking.
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Before i had my citrus inspiration, i was filling up on dry cooked things, not wet. Like baked potatoes, not mashed, rice cakes , not a pot of rice. It had to be dry feeling. Now i want to eat that all the time and am adding toppings. I cooked beans or meat, then baked it to make it also dry. I guess i shouldnt complain, because i am getting my stenght back, but my mind tells me potatoes are only allowed 2x a week, due to sugar. Maybe i can make another exception, i know those doing worse would probably take it. Maybe its the irish in me. I am tired of trying to analyze whats best to eat and why. I


I don't think you should limit any whole food during pregnancy unless there is a very specific reason for you to do so. Potatoes are great for you! The Brewer pregnancy diet recommends a baked potato a day! Listen to your body and just eat the food that you can. I wouldn't worry so much about what you are eating at this point, although, yes avoid unfermented soy. Fermented soy like miso should be fine since fermenting helps neutralize the goitrogens. Don't be afraid of fat or anything else unless you have a reason for doing so (eg. you are diabetic or have GD).

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Originally Posted by here we are View Post

I cant apologize enough, i hope it wasnt b/c of me. I didnt explain enough, &its so hard to say whats works for one person can help another, but i really shouldve explained my process leading up to it more. Just wasnt thinking.[/quote

Don't worry about it.. It sounded good so I wanted to try it
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I have been doing okay with handling the nausea (by eating allll the time), but I have the oddest food aversions. Last week I just could not take the thought of soup, any kind of soup. The word "soup" would turn my stomach!


We have been eating a lot of potatoes and noodles around here...tempeh, nuts, and fruit seem pretty foolproof, too. The saddest thing is that I want spicy food, it even sounds good (unlike many things!), but it makes my heartburn go crazy. I have had heartburn maybe one time before getting pregnant, and now I have it half the day, eurgh.


The funny thing is that even when I can't think of a single thing that sounds like it would be good to eat, whatever I force myself to eat ends up being THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD. Maybe heightened sense of smell, or just the fact that I'm always hungry? In any case, it makes it easier to push the aversions aside temporarily, knowing that I'll probably like it anyway.

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Oh I wish that food would taste good again! I haven't yet found anything that really tastes delicious. I used to be able to out eat my husband and now my 4 year old is eating more than me. I am really tired of this already. Does anyone else have to eat REALLY slowly? It takes me what feels like HOURS to eat even just a burrito.
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I have an insanely intense fruit craving lately! Have been eating several apples and oranges daily. Normally I like citris and apples OK but never craved them like this. Really interesting!

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Yesterday it took me 2 hours to eat a small salad, but I kept it down. Definitely eating very slow over here.
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I still have major food aversions. Hardly any nausea here, just ridiculous aversions. I made chicken last night, took one bite and spit it in the trash. Nasty. LOL. Then I managed to eat most of a baked potato. Weird pregnancy. I've never had such strong food aversions and smell aversions. I can't eat fish, chicken or most cooked veggies. I can eat some raw veggies, like carrot sticks, cucumbers and romaine lettuce. I can also eat fruit. Oh, and I can't drink water. I've had to substitute with sweet peppermint tea or juice. I'll be happy when this stage is over. 

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Cucumbers! I have been dreaming (literally dreaming) about bowls full of cucumbers. Must be a milder form of the pickle craving.
Bacon on the other hand, is no longer on the friend list. Hateful stuff, bacon.
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Water does also not work here. I found a ice tea mix that I can put in my water to give it some flavor- it works wonders for me. 


I can eat chocolate. LOL anything chocolate. For breakfast, chocolate muffins, for lunch Nutella sandwich, and for dinner... well, lets say I still haven't found anything that sounds great yet. I hope this only lasts the first trimester for me. So far, I lost almost 10 lbs. My mom said she was sick the whole time when she was pregnant with me. 

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I don't like water to begin with, never have, but right now, just the thought of drinking it is nauseating. I've been drinking tons of hot chai tea with cream. When I don't want hot, I've been drinking Vitamin Water, Sobe LifeWater or the Safeway equivalent. Their zero calorie versions are sweetened with erythritol, so I can feel good about drinking them. Plus they've got vitamins in them as an extra bonus since I can't get my vitamins down right now.
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Foe... Foe! I dread every meal. I wish throwing up with m/s was like with food illness, where you feel better cuz you've eliminated the bad stuff.

My only blessing is that I've (mostly) only gotten to that point when I am hungry and have had water to drink, so at least that's less icky than throwing up food. 

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I found that I have been more hungry. However, when I eat, I can only eat a few bites and then I am full. So, I try to eat a lot, in little portions throughout the day. Sometimes it stays down, sometimes it doesnt....


I am taking little kids chewy vitamins right now. I just couldn't keep anything else down. I feel that it is better than nothing. Once I can keep the others down I will take them again. 

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It's gotten where many things taste WEIRD! I threw out some salsa I had in the fridge yesterday because it tasted so SOUR. Well, I opened a new jar and it tasted the same. There are quite a few other things that just taste WRONG. I hope I'll be one of those that gets over this in the second trimester. I heard some women get it until delivery. Yikes! There are only certain foods that I can eat because they taste right/acceptable. And things like cottage cheese or turkey meatballs make me feel sick. It's so different from my other pregnancies. But, one nice thing is I don't get nauseated too often, only if I haven't ate anything for a while or if I eat something like cottage cheese. I thought I would be careful to get all my protein, but until now, I can barely tolerate anything with protein. Only egg or peanut butter sandwiches.

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