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*Just for fun!* Blame it on the baby!

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Thought we should compile a fun list of things that we can totally blame on being pregnant.  Funny moments, "oh, duh!" moments and more!  


I need some giggles, ladies! :D

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I'll start.  I went to the grocery store today at 9 pm.  I walked out with ricotta cheese, mascarpone cheese, mini chocolate chips and cannoli shells...  All of this was brought upon by a simple picture posted on fb of amazing looking cannolis...drool.gif And I just had. to. have. one. of. those. right. NOW!!!! lol.  No waiting until a bakery opens up for me, apparently.  


I blame it on the baby! :D


Edited to add:  Delicious! :D And soo worth the effort. :D

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I made my whole family pack up in the car and take trip up to IKEA (about 40 minutes each way) because I *HAD* to have meatballs on Sunday. It wasn't optional, I had to have them NOW!!  winky.gif

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My family took my mother (who was visiting from out of town) in to Boston before her flight home. We took her to Quincy Market, a tourist rap, because it was easy to walk around, find a restroom, and get food all in the same place. We'd never eaten there before and only brought like $25 cash to spend on three people and toddler (my mother covered herself). Well, each thing we found to eat was like $8-$14, for a sandwich or sausage!! After all, we only had $6 left. And I HAD TO HAVE A SMOOTHIE< NOW!! I went to get one and I didn't have enough money, it was $7 for a small cup of mostly ice, two chunks of mango, a hunk of papaya, and a little pineapple juice. It was worth a dollar but I borrowed my son's money to buy it. It was so-so, took all our money, but at least it quenched my fruit craving. My DH rolled his eyes and blamed it on the baby for me :)

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I got paint all over a shirt I was wearing and then the cat, because I'm apparently in denial about how big my midsection is.  Blamed THAT on the baby, but the cat was unamused.

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I dragged my co-worker's out for wings yesterday and blamed it on the baby. I hate wings under normal conditions, but this was the 3rd time this week. Yesterday was Wednesday, which makes it even sader that that it was the 3rd time this week.

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hahaha, Melany!  I love chicken wings when I am pregnant, too.  But not when not pregnant.  Sooo weird!  


Also.  Last Thursday, a friend made me chicken paprikash for lunch.  I got the recipe from her and made it the next day.  There were left overs, of course, which I ate.  Then I made it again for Dinner Monday... more leftovers.  So I have had chicken paprikash for lunch or dinner on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  There's enough left for me to have more for lunch tomorrow, too... which I am sooo happy about.  7 out of 9 days of amazingness on a plate! Sheepish.gif Not too sure the husband feels the same way about it as I do... lol.

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It's the baby's fault, I had wings today, too. :)

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Getting up to go pee in the middle of the night: definitely baby's fault wink1.gif

Greasy pepperoni pizza face: this baby is making me feel like a teenager again lol.gif my last baby gave me perfect, glowing skin so I guess this balances it out.
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I am double-fisting my beverages today because I couldn't decide what I wanted...  Chocolate milk in one hand, coffee in the other.  lol.gif  Good thing I have plenty of cupholders in the car!


Definitely baby's fault!!! 

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My mother owns a alfalfa farm and sent beef to put in our freezer. It is by far the best beef I have ever had! (Very grateful). We had steaks last night and this morning I made myself a steak sandwich with an over medium egg, lettuce, tomato, and I am not kidding bacon.......this would not be something I would normally do, but oh good lord it was amazing and so worthy it!!! I blame it on the baby.


I also have made myself tom yom soup like every night this week other then last night. No one but me likes this soup in my family so I have basically made it for myself and they have had to do something else for dinner. I blamed this on being sick and pregnant, but definitely blamed it on the baby!eat.gif

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I am the complete opposite when it comes to chicken wings.  Normally, I love them.  But since I've been pregnant I really can't stand them.  It's making DD and DH sad because THEY love them too and I haven't been making them hardly at all.  Back in the summer I made them at a friend's place because she wanted to know how to do it, then I just couldn't eat them.  Everyone else was stuffing their faces, my DD mowed through about a dozen on her own going all "nom nom nom nom nom these are THE BEST FOOD EVER MUMMY" and I was like, boy, this salad sure is nice. greensad.gif


What I AM blaming the baby for, is that it's SO hard to get back onto a full-on Paleo-type diet... and I really need to do that, not so much for me, but DH, who is having all kinds of auto-immune stuff and his sister has similar issues and she went to a naturopath who told her to ditch the wheat and dairy and DH was saying he should probably go and get checked out too and I said yes, but I know, really, he just needs to eat really clean for a while and get more sleep, but he's not so good on the self-care and I feel like I'm failing hugely on that because I should be cooking a lot more veg-and-meat meals and staying up late enough to unplug the computer on him and force him into bed... but no, I have this parasite that's making me eat bread and cook pizza for dinner and go to bed at hours that are unreasonable to make DH share...

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I would definetley have to say that the cans of Spaghetti O's in my house are for the baby...not my kids!  I actually have not bought them in many, many years, but for some reason I am craving them.  Oh, and also fried mushrooms Sheepish.gif

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Well,  I can't blame the baby for food, but I'm definitly blaming him for having a food stain down my shirt every day after lunch!! That bump is definitly a catch-all!2whistle.gif

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Originally Posted by Bena View Post

Well,  I can't blame the baby for food, but I'm definitly blaming him for having a food stain down my shirt every day after lunch!! That bump is definitly a catch-all!2whistle.gif

That is my theory on why there is never a white maternity shirt on the rack at the consignment shop I shop at. None survived previous pregnancies. :) My son's attempt to put a hole in every single pair of pants he owns is also my explanation for why there are never any pants in his size at the same shop. Other little boys must have the same problem. 


Can I blame my over-thinking the consignment shop inventory on the baby?

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Food stains on shirts, for sure! Also, dreaming about food. A lot. And my current inability to clean the bathroom floor. :)

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