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Guy the Fifth is here!

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Trying to make this quick while Daddy has a sleeping baby -

Due date was the 17th, this coming Saturday. Went into labor last night around 6pmish. Contractions were instantly 1-3 minutes apart, lasting 45 sec to 5 minutes! Called the midwives, called the doula. Doula arrived and was only with us at home for maybe half an hour before we decided we needed to go tot he birth center.

Car ride was horrible! Got to birth center around 8-9pm? I was only 3cm. Had to be at a 4 to stay. They prepped the birthing room, took 30 min, and by the time they were done with that I was 5cm. Wanted to labor sitting, like on a toilet or birthing stool. Felt the best. Sadly, it was NOT the best for Guy, and his heartrate dropped dangerously low in those upright squatty positions (like, lower than mine, low). I had to labor in really uncomfortable for me ways (head down, all fours with butt in air, for one) but baby loved it.

In the end I only labored for 7-8 hrs total. We had to accelerate pushing, with a lot of pulling and stretching from midwives, after water broke. Was at a 9cmish when it broke, and he'd already pooped in there. Heartrate started being bad again, and I was running out of fuel because I kept vomiting everything that came near me. :(

I went down to 7cm after water broke, they had me labor a bit longer before the massive pushfest. Apparently I got so red my husband was terrified. I also have broken capillaries all over my face and chest :( In the end, got him out, 1:16am. He was 8lbs 9oz, 21 inches long. All natural. Not so sure I'd recommend that after the fact ;P

Nursing is HARD but otherwise we're all good.


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My goodness he is adorable!!!! treehugger.gif And those handmade pants and onesie! luxlove.gif Loved baby!!!love.gif


Welcome Guy The Fifth!!! jumpers.gif


Sounds like a rough birth for you though mama! Make sure you just babymoon and RELAX!!! We better not see you on MDC because you need to rest! winky.gif Though you are allowed to post more baby pictures, of course. orngtongue.gif


Congratulations!!!! joy.gif

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Congratulations, he's a real sweetie. I'm sorry you had a hard time. I hope you get lots of opportunities to rest over the next few weeks.
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Way to get that boy out, mama! Great job, beautiful boy.
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Wow! What a birth story! Congrats! He's a cutie! I love his hat too :)

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wow! I totally can relate to your birth story. sorry, you had a tough one but congrats on being the strong woman you are :) he is a-do-ra-ble! actually looks a lot like our little guy :) and I love his outfit!

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Wow, what a birth! Sounds a bit like my last one. Be sure to take time to reflect and talk about it, you did great work! Your little boy is adorable!!

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That does sound like a rough labor.  The result is absolutely adorable.  What a cutie pie and love his little hat and outfit!  Take care of yourself and rest.  Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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Congratulations. Love his whole outfit!
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CONGRATS!!!  He's such a cute little munchkin!  Nursing was hard for DD too, but the thought of having to get out of bed and make a bottle every night with a screaming baby kept me going.  You can do it!

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Congrats!  He's adorable, love the hat.  Nursing will get harder before it gets easier but it DOES GET EASIER.  I think the first week is the worst but by the end of  week 2, you'll be a pro and things will be so much smoother.  Just keep nursing, nursing, nursing.  :)

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Congratulations to you and Guy--he's adorable! 

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