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OUR DOG IS WITH MY SON AND HIS CHILDREN SHE IS HAVING  A SEIZE OR 2 EV RY COUPLE OF DAYS AND HIS  CHILDREN WITNESS THIS. HE NEEDS TO FIND A PAINLESS WAY TO PUT AN 18 YEAR OLD 11 POUND DOG TO SLEEP .there Has no hospital Dr or vet if anything happens they have to fly by a helicopter  because of isolation.

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Strange initial post...


If this is real:  is the dog okay, other than the seizures?  Do they know why the seizures are happening?  Is this sudden onset (could the dog have been poisoned) or long-term?  ?  If it is long-term, then I wouldn't worry about it.  He can explain to the children what seizures are and that, though scary, they aren't necessarily causing the dog any pain.  At 18 years of age, the dog probably has only a short time left.  If they have suddenly come upon the animal, then the cause sounds like poisoning or illness. If the animal is suffering (appears to be in pain or has lost its quality of life), then it is time to let it go. 


There aren't really any completely painless ways to end an animal's life without having access to a vet and the drugs they use. 


With such isolation, as you indicate, how are they surviving as far as food?  If they hunt, your answer is already there (which, probably should not be witnessed by the children).


What do they do should a family member be in health danger???

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