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Natural Birth Practices

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Hello ladies! congrats on your pregnancies! I am almost 4 months...and already seeing a midwife,  planning a water birth at my house in May! I am interested in doing a lotus birth (umbilical non severance) and also not giving the baby his/her first bath until the vernix has been absorbed into its skin. I love all things natural and alternative to western thought.....my question is, aside from umbilical non severance and not washing the vernix off of the baby - what other practices in natural/holistic birth are there? anything else you can add?


thanks a lot and congrats again (-:










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I just wanted to mention that you don't have to go all the way to lotus birth, you could just wait until an hour or few hours after the birth before cutting the cord, but of course that is totally up to you. I wouldn't want to worry about dragging around the placenta personally and it dies off a short while after the birth. We cut our last baby's cord after maybe 15-20 minutes? It was definitely limp anyway and I had already delivered the placenta. 


Other things would be not vaccinating, not giving vit. K, some say that putting a hat on actually makes it more difficult for the baby to regulate their heat than leaving them hat free. Skin to skin contact. That's off the top of my head. I hope you have a wonderful birth! :)

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