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Raw prenatal vitamin code

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Anyone that's currently pregnant or when they were pregnant took the RAW prenatal vitamin code by Garden of Life? My OB isn't so sure whether I should take them because if the word "RAW". I purchased them from the whole food store and was told how great they were, but I wanted to know if any you ladies took these vitamins and your thoughts on them.

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I've been taking them since the beginning with no issues.  20 weeks on Sunday and going good.  My only concern is the serving size is 3 capsules which is a little excessive.  I didnt realize this right away.... Thinking about switching as soon as I'm done with my Expecta.  Taking Expecta in conjunction with this for the extra DHA.

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Oh wow. Thanks for responding. Yes, the 3 a day is a bit excessive. What is Expecta? How many is required daily of the Expecta?
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One other thing, did your doctor have any suggestions with the raw prenatal vitamin code? My OB doesn't seem to be find of it.
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