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Baby dreaming!

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I dreamed last night that I had the baby! It was a totally painless birth... and she told me her name!


Anyone else having some crazy dreams?

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Well last night I dreamed that my belly was much bigger (only 11 weeks currently), and I lifted up my shirt and I could see my babies head/face.....like it was part of my stomach. So strange.....

I'm thinking Freud would have a field day with that one! Ha!
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~ Last week, I dreamed I that when I went into labor, six babies came out. I walked around the house, babies laying everywhere, some crying, some sleeping, cloth diapers lining every surface. Dishes for days. I wandered shirtless with one latched on and just as it finished another needed to eat. I never slept, showered or ate, just a constant rotation of hungry babies to feed. The dark circles under my eyes reached my cheekbones. All while my husband slept on the couch. ~


When I woke that morning, I was in a state of near-panic that we couldn't possibly handle multiples. (It's highly unlikely since we don't even have twins on either side)

Husband and I proceeded to discuss how he would be expected to help with the baby/babies once they were here. It was moderately comical. 


FYI: I'm measuring right on track for one. So it doesn't seem to be any kind of foreshadowing. 




Crystal Marie
“above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins ” 1 peter 4:8
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I really need a good mama dream. I dreamed a friend committed suicide and that I hit a pedestrian with my car. Trying to watch awesome birth videos right before bed. Gonna do that now. I don't know if it helps or hurts my dreams that I gotta stay up later than I'd like in order to sleep through the night.
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Sending you good dream vibes, FarmerMomma!

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Thanks sweet huck. Let's try again tonight. Last night not so good. Boyfriend and 5 yo son weren't getting along again last night and I woke up at 3 again. Fell asleep at 5 or so. Still made it to church though. That has been nice.
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I've had some very sweet baby dreams - the most recent being nursing a little one. Not sure if it was a boy or a girl, but I sensed boy (then again, what else do I know? LOL)

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I dreamt that I woke up in a room drenched in sun. My partner was asleep next to me. I looked down at my belly and could see the shape of the uterus pushing outward with dainty Fallopian tubes like the stems of flowers on either side. And the sunlight was casting the most beautiful and delicate shadows, highlighting the contours of this new shape.
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My partner's father doesn't know we are pregnant yet. He lives out of state and we are not close. Today he emailed his 3 children, including my SO, saying he had a dream about a little girl...is anyone pregnant? I was shocked. He's not exactly an intuitive guy and had no idea we were trying. Now the other two have replied no. We might just have to tell.
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My husband had a vivid dream last night that we had TWINS!

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