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When is blood in stool a huge issue or a ok occasional thing?

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my son is 22m and he skipped pooping yesterday, he is a nearly perfect once a day pooper and have been for a very very long time.


so this morning i changed him and he clearly had two different poops in his diaper, a pretty hard formed one and then a passed second  med soft one, more normal for him (the still breastfeed, so hard poops have rarely been seen here)


thing is that the hard stool had some blood around it, not a ton, but clearly there with a casual look, is this just from some surface tear while pooping? or is this something to really worry about?

he has not seemed bothered or under the weather in the last day or so. and i didn't even notice he pooped this morning till i changed him, so clearly the act of pooping was not that hard.


so worry? not a big deal?

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I wouldn't worry much at this point. My 19 month old often starts off with a hard poop (it clangs in the potty bowl) and then has medium to soft poo to finish. If he is getting lots of fluids and not straining a lot then there was probably just a tiny tear as it came out. Keep an eye on it though but it sounds to me like maybe he scraped himself passing that stool.
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yeah thats what i assumed, my DD (his twin) had a super hard and large stool last night, it was horrible! i held her and helped her squat and she clung to me for dear life as she passed it, it took forever, i felt so bad. this has never happened, in scrambling to figure out what happened.


the only few things that have changed at all in the last week is:


Wed, the dya before they spent 2.5 hours at a day care center, that was the day they skipped pooping, but they were not stressed there at al, they adored the place and got super one on one attention, the did not feed them anything but my sippy cups with water, i fed them right before and after


we have night weened this week, this seems like a possible culprit. though my boy had been sleeping all 10-12 hours over night on and off for a few weeks, Tues was the first time for my daughter 


and the had a humidifier in the room for the last week or two since they had a slight head cold. i just stopped using it, that could lead to some overnight dehydrating im sure.


anyway DS had a big super soft (almost too soft) this morning and both are in good spirits, so i will just wait for her to go again and hopefully it was just a passing issue, may never know why. 

one this it has help me with is reiterating the importance of getting them their sippy cups all thru out the day, they have been purposely spilling them to play so i started not leaving them laying around, sad cause they drink great when they are just there whenever they turn around.

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ugg girl still consipated, she managed a poop on her own but get super fussy with it and it was hard as a rock, at least it is coming out, working to feed her all the right things and get her back on track

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