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I had the worst interivew I have ever had in my life yesterday...:(((

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and h


It was horrible with a capital H...And I kind of knew the minute I went into her office and was introduced to her and she looked at me it wasn't going to be a good one...Makes me sad because I am really good at what I do and have done it for many years...The woman interiviewing me was as stonefaced,rude and nasty as they come..She critisized me from top to bottom...She commented that what I wasn't wearing wasn't appropriate(it was a brand new outfit and nice and was in no way offending)to how how made my T's on the application..Asked me if I smoked and then basically accused me of lying when I said no.It was an hour and half long and gruelling..The pressure was crazy..I wanted to get up and leave so badly but I didn't..I never got rude back and and answered every question even if it was a question not normally one would ask in an interview..It was so stressful that I had old symptoms resurrface that I haven't had to deal with in years..I had selective mutism as a child and teen..was able to overcome a lot of it in my 20's..My throat froze and I know I just stared at her during one question ..Finally got my voice back and calmly answered her...Then she abrubtly said she was finished and I could go..I said thankyou and turned to walk out but then I turned back around and told her I was sorry if she thought that I was rude when it took me so long to anwswer her last question but I had selective mutism as a child and in stress and anxiety it sometimes resurfaces and I have to take a minute to get it back under control..She SMILED at me and said she didn't notice it if I did...I had to sit in my car for 10 minutes and relax to get the stress levels down....I had an hour drive back home and it occured to me that she might have done it on purpose to see if I could take being critisized and if I would snap or get angry because this position deals with special needs children who can be challenging and parents of the same..I hope she just wasn't an angry vile person taking her life out on me because I need this job so badly...And no I won't be working with her if I do get it..She is one of the head dogs and and her base if over an hour away from where I will be working..


I guess I will find out next week if I get it or not..don't think so though...smh....

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YIKES that sounds rough!! So sorry, but it sounds like you handled it well. I hope you get the job!!
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That sounds horrible! I'm sorry you had such a stressful experience.
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That stinks that it was so bad... But, ya know, if the interview was such (who says something about clothes or smoking in a freaking interview?) then it's probably for the best that you don't join that company. As in, it's for your own best interest to look elsewhere; somewhere with better moral and tact.

I'm sure you did you're best - so just know, if you didn't make the cut: it's not you; it's them. You'll better off elsewhere, I'm sure!
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Be glad! you wouldn't want to work for someone who thought it was ok to grill you and make comments on your clothes etc.

they legally aren't even allowed to ask if you smoke.




I hadn't been looking for a new job being happy where I was until one day I almost told the "acting" director to Eff off because he was being a total jerk. He'd been asking my small team to second guess me on my specialty (networking, exchange, etc) and making me invite all of them to support calls and spending HOURS asking stupid basic questions and having me dumb them down to the point where a non geek or even a child would understand better than he did.

I got mad and submitted my resume to a few sites on a thurs, and by friday at noon had about 6 calls and several emails promising me 6 figure salarys. I was like O_o


I ended up going in person (after phone interviews) to 2 jobs. the one I accepted here, and one with chase banks.

The chase banks one the office was huge, parking complex, bit of a drive, and they were *disappointed* I wasn't 100% versed with everything they wanted me to support, eventhough I answered some questions that even "experts" didn't know during the interview process.

I walked out of that going...yeah...nope. Don't want to work there, even if it's a raise increase!


Interviewed here and they were funny and likeable, laid back, and it was a chance for me to add some new skillsets. They liked my existing and even though I wasn't 100% what they were wanting, I had the background and similar things (juniper vs cisco, emc vs compellent...etc) so it wasn't going to be a steep learning curve.


I'd have been BORED to tears if I already knew everything like chase wanted, so I immediately knew this was the right job.

Thing about job hunting is, i've been desperate and unemployed and thats how I got THE WORST jobs ever. Lawfirm I worked for paid me min wage and told me daily I was "too effing fat to fit behind the effing desk" (I'm 5'9 and 140lbs btw) and "too effing stupid to fix the effing computers"....etc.


No matter how bad you need the money, you DO NOT want to work at a place like that! trust me!

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I was thinking that if you don't get the job, you DODGED A BULLET! Does not sound like a good place to work. Good luck with your search!

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But I hope it is like you say - that she was being rude to see how you'd react. Because honestly, and hour and a half interview is long. If she didn't like you at all, she would have sent you on your way much sooner. I've never had that long of an interview.  

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Thanks everyone..I feel better about it today...Of course being 2 days later I have thought of a lot of ways I could have answered a lot of her questions but they say that is that..I won't find out until next week when some clearances and paperwork go thru if I get the postion..The lady phoned me today who workes under the rude one and asked me how I still felt about working for them ect...I told them that I loved working with children and couldn't wait to get started(I need the job badly, I have been searching since August and have no income)..She told me that the interview went very welldizzy.gif... Yeah I just didn't comment on that one in case they were trying  to see if I would break confidentialilty and down her boss:)


I will let you all know if I get it...:)

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Originally Posted by Basylica View Post


they legally aren't even allowed to ask if you smoke.



They can legally ask you if you smoke.  They can also turn you down if they don't want to hire smokers.  There are no laws that protect the rights of smokers. 

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Did you get the job?

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Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post

Did you get the job?


Yeah I am curious too.

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wow i totally would have left the interview. why did it last so long?  i think most ive ever had was abut 15 mins.

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I've had some very long interviews.  But then again I work jobs that need background checks and clearance forms as well.  I've worked on 'smoke free' campuses so that can be important to employers and if you are working with sensitive kids the smell of smoke could irritate them.  However I agree the persons tact leaves much to be desired.  I'm guessing you are interviewing for a second semester position, so after the holidays start date?  I'm sorry she was inappropriate and belligerent to you.  There is no need for that.  Most people who work with kids are loving and caring and want to HELP everyone.

I hope you find a good employment match soon.   HUGS

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The average length of interview my dh has had is one hour; the longest was three. They introduced him to everyone in the place, then decided he was too qualified, which was true. Seems like he is either too qualified or doesn't have the EXACT skill set they want. And with an average of 40 people applying for each position, it is tough out there.


Good luck on your job search. I totally empathize.

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Yes....I did get the the job:)))) I have been there one week and I have had several conversations with other employees regarding this certain "Head" person..They all said their interviews were the same...The job is intense and you work with severly special needs children who have a lot of emotional and physical problems and they want to make sure you have the "stamina" to work and not blow up at a child who is basically beating the crap out of you...


I can't say that I love the job with all my heart but it is a paycheck and I am on public school schedules so I am off for all the holidays and breaks..Lots of time to spend with my child...Thanks everyone for the encouragment and support...I will stay with this job until I find something more suitable for me and less stressful..

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Great news. Hope it works out for you.  champagne.gif

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wow awesome well done !!!!!!! smile.gif
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Just thought I would rebump this up and let you all know how this job is going...I have been with this job for almost 7 months..I just went on summer break this week...I have to say(and I wouldn't have even thought I would say it months ago) I really like my new job..The children can be intense sometimes but we have a lot of support in each other..3 worker per rm plus extras working around that will jump in if youj can't handle a situation anymore..I am hoping to go full time this coming winter..They actually selected me as one of the ones they would like to school for a lead teacher position..Which I will take classes for from Oct-April this coming winter..Not only are they going to pay for it but they will pay me to attend and milage to get there...Plus they are super understanding if my little one gets sick and I have to leave early...So this job has a lot of pluses...:) Now for that nasty interviewer...that is her..she is that way..I have had meetings,sat down to a lucheon with and stood in the same public bathroom with..she is just that...a person with an attitude...And I am not the only one on the recieving end ...lots of other people got it too...I only have to associate with her a couple times a year so I am ok with that...



Thanks again for all the support and the congrats...I am pretty much on my own here and since we moved into our own place we are our own little family...Just L and I ...:)

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