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Waking up not breathing!

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Hi all,


I have had this thing at night where I feel unable to breathe properly. I suddenly wake up as though I had not been breathing. I don't think it is just congestion. More like sleep apnea. Anyone have any good natural remedies for this? It's very disconcerting to say the least!





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My DP has sleep apnea, he wears an oxygen mask at night prescribed by his doctor.  I don't know how severe your apnea is, but if waking up and not being able to breathe is becoming a common occurrence, it's really important you tell your doctor about it.  Sleep apnea is very dangerous, especially while pregnant.  The only other advice I have to give other than that is sleep on your side as much as possible, this helps keep airways open.  

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Hmm...as far as I know, this is a pregnancy related sleep apnea. I am reluctant to go through the whole testing and mask thing, which could take a couple of months and a rather large outlay of cash. I was just wondering if there are less severe interventions....I do find sleeping in a warmer room and washing my sheets every few days instead of once a week is helping a lot, along with adjusting my sleeping position a little. Much of it. I now realize, might actually be congestion rather than sleep apnea, though I am not sure. Regardless, it is now happening only every few nights now. But still, I am worried, and worried that it will get worse in the coming months. I have no experience with this so was wondering what other pregnant ladies who have had this do?

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Is it happening when you are on your back? Just curious because this is happening with me too. It's isolated to when I am lying flat on my back to sleep. I'm OK if I'm on my side. I'm training myself to lie on my side or sometimes I can get away with being on my back if I use the full-body preggo pillow that I have. I remember sleeping with 2-3 pillows under my head with I was preggo with DS, which also helped. I don't have any other suggestions as far as remedies, but you might see if position changes help. 

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Well, I never sleep on my back, so it was always on my side, but I am finding that playing with my pillows has helped a lot. It only happens every four days or so, and only when I am particularly congested. Though DH says I am snoring up a storm!

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