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Baby stuff!

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Yes, this is a completely materialistic thread!  What kind of baby stuff are you guys looking forward to using?  Here are a few of my favorites.


Camille changing bag:  



I've been eyeing this for a long time because it has a compartment for wet/soiled cloth diapers.  I didn't get it because of the price.  I was in Babies R Us today and there was one on the shelf for $40!  It didn't have the changing mat with it, so that may be why it was so marked down.  I had so much fun packing this when I got home!  The material is so soft and there are a lot of pockets.


Babee Greens wool diaper covers:  




I got 3 of these wool covers to start out with to use with my flat diapers.  They are super soft and the snaps are adjustable to different sizes.


Zutano baby booties: 



  These are so adorable and should stay on baby's feet in the winter months.


Anyone else have some cute stuff for me to drool over?  

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Zutano baby booties:  http://zutano.com/product/pool-cozie-booties/   These are so adorable and should stay on baby's feet in the winter months.


Anyone else have some cute stuff for me to drool over?  

Oh, those booties are cute!! I always like something that will actually stay on their feet (socks are so worthless for that)! I haven't seen these Zutano's yet.
With all my babies I am always obsessed with Robeez! I love, love, love them. My kids usually wear them exclusively for their first 2 years. I already have 2 pairs for this LO and can't wait to buy more!


I am still on the hunt for the perfect diaper bag this time around. No luck yet. I have always like the OiOi bags but nothing is really jumping out at me this time.

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I've used these booties with my new babes in the past, and they're wonderful!  They're perfect for winter because they're lined with sheepskin, and the suede outside makes them softer/more pliable/warmer than leather.  And they stay on.



I also love these little sweater suits at Hanna Andersson and have gotten a lot of use out of them for my babies in the past...




And I don't really use diaper bags, but they are fun - more a window shopping thing for me...  Although I may just sew one up - there are so many pretty oilcloths and laminated fabrics now that would be great for making a changing pad...  Ridiculously expensive, but Oilily diaper bags are so cute - I might just try and make a copy of one - esp love the Russian Tale diaper bag!



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I LOVE Robeez, I wish I had held on to some of the boys' shoes!


I also love Hanna Anderson - especially their 'wiggle pants', because they fit well over cloth diapers (I find a lot of stuff doesn't). Of course, when I had the other boys we had more $ and I could just buy those things.... much more of a budget this time around!


I think the 'thing' I am looking forward to the most are these colored pre-folds:



She dyes them herself with eco friendly/baby friendly dyes, and my friends are getting some to create a diaper cake for my blessingway :) She also is 10 minutes from my house, so I love that we get to shop local, too ;)

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Oooohhh, adorable stuff mamas!!!!


Because we've saved everything and are having another boy, all we've really got this time is a new bed rail & a mobile (something we never had before - it's what ds decided to give his baby bro'!)


And I adore using these diaper covers (not as fun as others but boy do they work well!) so we splurged on a few more in size S: (nikky)



And at the outlet we got the little guy one little pair of new pjs just for him: (hanna andersson)



Otherwise I'm totally looking forward to using my wonderful old wrap: (didymos)

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Ooh I love the Hanna Andersson pjs as well.  These were the first things I bought when I found out I was pregnant.  I have these 3.  I got them in different sizes so my babe can outgrow one pair and grow right into another.






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