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Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding Through Natural Weaning

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I am a homeschooling mother of three (ages 11, 8 and 4), and I recently stopped nursing my third child through natural weaning.  I spent nearly 10 consecutive years nursing my three children, with only a three month break between my second and third.  I breastfed through bleeding nipples with my first until a call to a LLL member taught me proper latch-on, I tandemed nursed my first and second, I nursed my second through a week in a high-needs nursery, and I nursed my third through my own serious uterine infection following his birth.  Needless to say, breastfeeding has been a constant in my life, and natural weaning has been a very bittersweet process for me. 


I wrote the following poem so that I will always remember, and can share with my children, the gifts we each gave and received during our breastfeeding days. 


Bittersweet Good-Bye

I said goodbye today

To a pure, sweet, simple joy

The tugging of three little souls

My precious girls and one sweet boy

A decade of my life

While gone in one brief flash

Each moment spent giving such sacred love 

An eternity did last

While little hands tangled in my hair

My first girl nursed past three

A brand new gift was given

To her but also me

My second born early

I fought to make it so

When finally we connected

The healing power flowed

My first reached out with sleepy love 

To take her sister's hand

The three of us connected

A new stage of life began

More than I expected

The demands of nursing two

With bittersweet goodbyes

We slowly made it through

My second nursed until my third

Was well on his way

We ended one sweet afternoon

While by her beach warmed skin I laid

This final time I was the one

Who could not yet begin

So ever patiently he waited

For me to come to him

When at last his little mouth found me

A mutual nourishment began

My fears of lost connection gone

His security regained

No part of life before this

Did I ever feel so deep

The smells and sounds of nursing angels

Are memories I will always keep

The love in little eyes

Peering up at me so sweet

The quivering of little chins

As sleep and nursing meet

I'm forever grateful for the gifts

Both given and received

That will sustain the four of us

More than I would ever have believed


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Tearing up as I read this. Thanks for sharing.
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Very beautiful! blowkiss.gif

My DD naturally weaned shortly after her 5th birthday and DS a little before age 3. beautiful memories!

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Love this!
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So sweet smile.gif
Thanks for sharing!
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Very sweet, thanks for sharing :)

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Absolutely beautiful. I'm expecting baby #2 and nursing while pregnant hasn't been easy. This was a very powerful reminder of why I keep going even on the toughest days. Thank you and you've given those kids a wonderful gift!
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great poem!!

it really is a sacred thing, nursing. 

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You made me cry, OP! wink1.gif
Thank you for sharing.
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That is so sweet. You all are so lucky to have each other and share such an incredible journey!
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So beautiful.

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OP, that is so beautiful. I came here looking for ideas on weaning as we are ttc again and after your poem I am reconsidering allowing her to nurse through a pregnancy should one happen. Thank you.
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Wonderful! Thank you! I'm sure it's hard to say goodbye.
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Very sweet poem! Thanks for sharing. :-)
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This is so so lovely. Thank you for sharing it. I especially like the part about where "sleep and nursing meet." Absolutely precious moments.
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Thank you for sharing! Our little baby boy just turned one and is eating more and more solids, it seems. I love nursing him and even though he loves it too, I see him growing and know it won't feel long until he is done nursing. (I plan to nurse him as long as he would like, so it should be at least another year, I would guess.)

Anyway, you made me cry. Tears down both cheeks! (Good thing you didn't write more, or they would've made it to my chin or lap.) I think a little cry now and then is really healthy, and sure feels good. smile.gif

[edited because I hit send too soon on my mobile device wink1.gif]
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Wow. I read it again and teared up again. Thank you.
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So beautiful. I will have to deal with this soon too. My third is 17mths.  We'll go for awhile, like the others (4,and 5 years self weaned) I dont know how i am going to feel about it....

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That is truly beautiful!  Wow-- what a journey it all must have been and remains to be.


Thank you so much for sharing.  I am also planning on home educating.  I was home educated myself and ironically enough, before having children, taught public school which only further secured in me the desire to home school.  :)  My children are 2 1/2 and 16 months though so homeschooling consists of shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and lots of play time right now.


You sound like a remarkable mother.

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I loved this, I want to let my son nurse until he's ready to move on. I also want to have more children so I wondered if you and skycheattraffic have any tips for how to get pregnant while nursing.
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