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CPM training in Ohio?

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Hello Wise Women!

I'm interested in getting in to midwifery, but not sure how... Someone recently told me of an eight-month midwifery course somewhere in Ohio, but I have a suspicion that it was a graduate course for a CNM licensure. Anyone know anything about how to become a CPM in Ohio, or if that's even possible since (to the best of my knowledge) Ohio doesn't recognize CPMs?

Also, my Mom (a huge anti-homebirth person) was just telling me that she spoke with a midwife recently who said that she was NOT a CNM, but that she delivered both in and out of hospitals... My understanding is that only CNMs can practice in hospitals, and there have not been any CNMs in Ohio in recent history who attend(ed) planned homebirths. Is that correct?

Any information is greatly appreciated!



Whoever this woman is, I hope she knows that I'm going to be hearing about the "dangers" of birth, quoted from a "reliable source" for the next thirty years because of her...
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So, looks like no one has replied to this. Are you still looking for an answer? Don't want to type out a bunch if you aren't but will quickly say to my understanding (I live in an area of OH with a good sized homebirth community) CPMs e would absolutely not be allowed in hospitals here in OH. However, I know without a doubt that there are CNMs who do homebirth in my area of Ohio. I have more info if you want, including a CPM midwifery school. Let me know.
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Yes! We're actually getting on a plane tomorrow to move from Hawaii to central Ohio! =) I'd love to start school as soon as possible, so any recommendations are apperciated. =D
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You can become a CPM in Ohio (through PEP process or MEAC school distance learning) but Ohio does not offer licensure to any midwives other than CNMs. There are a couple CNMs in Ohio doing out-of-hospital births, but they are few and far between because Ohio requires collaborative agreements for CNMs to practice (at all - in or out of hospitals) and not many physicians are willing to sign a collaborative agreement with a CNM planning to practice out of hospital. If you are interested in becoming a CPM and you'll be in central Ohio, contact CHOICE midwives in Columbus. They have an apprenticeship program and are a pretty large CPM practice.

There are no hospitals in the US who grant hospital privileges to CPMs.
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