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Maybe we need the fat? Er... or that it isn't actual food? 


I don't know but potato chips are my friend right now. And Pepsi Throwback. Fizzy water will not help, but soda will? Strange, strange, strange...

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LOL, I am eating chips too, and I NEVER eat chips.  Someone told me they are a good substitute for crackers for morning sickness.

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Originally Posted by g&a View Post

LOL, I am eating chips too, and I NEVER eat chips.  Someone told me they are a good substitute for crackers for morning sickness.
thats definitely true for me. I can't stand soda crackers (and of course, it's the first thing anyone suggests when they find out I have morning sickness). Chips seem to settle my stomach a bit though. I think it's the salt.

I think the grease and salt in the unhealthy food I crave do something to settle my stomach.

Today I compromised and made baked French fries with coconut oil and sea salt. They're in the oven now... Hoping they will do the trick!
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sorry you're all suffering so! funny about vegetables and fast food... i'm already saying this child and i have a rough road if my favorite big bowl of veg makes me bloat like a wild pig and i can't pass a leftover halloween candy bowl of mini snickers at grandma's house without eating three in the corner. i always run nauseous so my pregnancies are a race to placenta. and i get super nose, that's one of my first signs and worst offenders. anyhow i didn't discover until after my second baby the magic panacea for nausea. it's ludicrous and ordinarily i don't touch the stuff, we're a seltzer family, but here's the holy grail ladies:


Coca Cola.


i'm lagging from my vantage point of 5+ weeks, i'll be right behind you all i'm sure. here's to keeping it down.

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Originally Posted by talldarkeyes View Post

My question is WHY are we craving these foods in the first place? You would think our bodies would be craving the healthy whole foods we normally eat.

my naturopath said that it's the fat that is necessary to create a baby making us crave greasy/fatty foods.


she also said the potato chip going down easily is pretty common...after i told her it helps when i am nauseated. i think she said that was about the salt...


either way, she said go for it. :) not like i have any other appealing options!

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I called my naturopath yesterday and good news, she can make a nausea tincture...bad news, she's out of town until the 10th! I am eating way too many carbs for me! But, it's the only way I can keep the nausea slightly at bay. Bah! I can't wait until she gets back!
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I wonder...the fats you really need in the first trimester are those that contain fat soluble vitamins A, D and E plus we need lots of B vitamins none of these needs are filled by processed foods to any great extent. I did read once a theory about how highly palatable foods (mostly savory) were thought to decrease immune response, decrease cortisol and also favor the production of progesterone vs. Estrogen and prolactin by decreasing the stress response which is why we crave these foods when we are stressed. The only problem is that they aren't very nourishing. Who knows?
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I fell victim today. Three times. At work. I could not keep anything down. Tonight I had Gyros- and I fell GREAT! thanks for the unhealthy food tip :) lol

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I ate meat last night for the first time in 2 1/2 years!  I made it for my husband, like always, and it looked so good, which was so wierd to me!  I just couldn't stomach the yummy black bean dish I made for myself, so I broke down and ate the stinking ground beef (which always used to make me sick to look at).  I figure my body was calling for more protein, so I followed it!  Happy to get on here and not feel so guilty :)

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I want nothing but meat and bread/bagels. Yesterday we picked up half a dozen cheddar and jalapeño bagels at Great Canadian Bagels and they were gone by breakfast! I'm usually the queen of leftovers but somehow can't even contemplate touching any. Today all I want is an order of noodles, general chicken and broccoli from the wok place in the nearby food court. I have lovely fresh things to cook and zero desire to cook or to eat the product. I had weird cravings with DD too. The sucky part is that the fatigue is hitting me AND I have trouble sleeping at night. I'm starting to get short with DD and hate that. It's not her fault I'm pregnant but I'm running low on patience and energy.

Warning, those with nausea, stop reading!

Today she followed me upstairs into the bathroom with her banana while I was having a BM. I was already getting grossed out by my own bodily function and odours and she walks in with her mouth full, chewing noisily and hands me the bit of banana she doesn't want. I REALLY had to try hard not to lose it all over the bathroom floor. I ended up flushing the banana; it was the only way out. Stuff like that while not the height of etiquette or sanitation wouldn't normally bother me much. Today I found it absolutely repulsive. I'm trying to maintain my sense of humour lol
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Ok NOW it hit me.. Up from 4:30 to 6:30 this morning throwing up fluid and having BM after BM. this is new for me. I have generally been a bit queasy up until now but never puked. Same thing is true with my first pregnancy. Luckily DH took the day off and is chasing DD so I can rest. 5 more weeks of this?! How do you ladies handle it? I have a very low tolerance for throwing up; I can't just shrug it off and move on like DH or a couple of my mom friends. If it happens, it changes my whole day and I'm sick/exhausted for many hours. I'm lucky that I go years between occurrences. I really hope this will be it for this pregnancy.
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