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Has anyone nursed through a pregnancy and kept their milk? I need positive stories please

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I recently found out that I'm pregnant and I'm still nursing my 17 month old.  I am overcome with guilt; can't sleep or function normally.  I'm so worried about losing my milk and her weaning.  I always wanted her to nurse for as long as she'd like as I nursed my son till he self-weaned at 5.  I feel horrible about this; like I'm taking away her right to nurse greensad.gif


I've read so many threads about mama's who lost their milk and sometimes baby weaned and sometimes not.  Does anyone have any positive stories about their supply and experience nursing through a pregnancy?  I'm so scared about losing my milk.


Thanks so much, I could really use some hope right now.  

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I'm 41+2 with a 2.5yo. She has fed throughout the pregnancy and I expressed a small stock in case my newborn needs supplementing (I have GDM). I suspect my supply decreased and it certainly seems to be colostrum now but she is still feeding enthusiastically. I even night weaned her a couple of months ago because of nipple pain but she still happily feeds to sleep day and night and at random times during the day.

Everyone is different but don't despair, it's not inevitable that you will lose your supply or your LO will wean early.
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My LO was 15 months when I got pregnant and I had the same worries and feelings as you. I also wanted to nurse throughout pregnancy and very open to tandem nursing. Well, I think it would've gone really well except when I was about 8 months along I had a stomach bug from hell. I was sick as a dog for a week and that's what I think made my milk supply dip way down which led to my son losing interest. BUT I still think of my story as positive because if I hadn't gotten sick, I'm almost 100% sure I would've kept my milk. I made sure to stay really hydrated, drank mother's milk tea when necessary, and ate a lot of oatmeal (I had heard this helps you make milk). I never felt like I lacked for supply, even during the 1st trimester when I had awful MS.

I've also heard stories of toddlers weaning when mama's pregnant, but then get back on the boob after the baby is born and milk is plentiful again. Best of luck to you!

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When i became pregnant with ds1, who was about 2, i was still nursing him frequently (about 8x a day).  My milk supply dropped, but not enough for him to wean. He did reduce his nursing. I was able to nurse him though, without the excrutiating feeling i have heard other mothers talk about. That doesnt happen to everyone. We continued nursing after the birth of  the baby. He must have been nursing about 4 times a day by then, and still at  bedtime. He self weaned at 5.

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I didn't lose my milk.  I drank tons of water, ate whenever I was hungry, and took herbs that support lactation.  Look for products like More Milk Plus.  Even if your milk dried up temporarily during part of the pregnancy, your child wouldn't necessarily wean.  And even if your child took a temporary break from nursing, you could try to reestablish the relationship after the milk returned.  Try not to stress too much.

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I've nursed through 2 term pregnancies (tandem during one) and have never lost my milk.  I haven't ever done anything special, and I have had times where my little ones nurse less (though never weaned during pg), but I seem to make copious amounts of milk so perhaps that is why I keep up a supply even when pregnant.  Not sure... 

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I just wanted to share our positive stories.  My milk supply does tank as soon as I get pregnant, but DD1 nursed through pregnancy and tandem nursed for a year... I am 29 weeks pregnant and DD2 is still nursing and I plan on sticking through.  It has been very important to me to continue nursing.  


my SIL nursed while pregnant and she had a huge supply the entire time (she weaned her DS when she was about 30 weeks pregnant)

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My DS was 16 months old when I got pregnant with DD. He continued to nurse all through the pregnancy with no problems (except somewhat tender nipples at one point early on). I have no idea how much he was actually getting, but I don't think his nursing decreased drastically. He continued to nurse after his sister was born, and only just weaned within the last month or two. (He just turned 3.) Every situation is different, of course, but I don't think there's any reason to assume that you WILL lose your milk. Hang in there, mama!  thumb.gif  And congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope it's uneventful!

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I have nursed through 2 pregnancies, though my milk dried up for a while and then turned to colostrum both times.. 3 times if you count my current pregnancy (33 wks) my toddlers were 17-21 mo at the beginning of the pregnancies and the first 2 did not wean due to pregnancy and it doesn't seem my 3rd will either :)

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I have 2 friends IRL that have nursed through pregnancies successfully, and I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with a persistent 22 month old nursing toddler who I hope will continue. I have been told by my friends and my midwives that I should be drinking as much water as possible and eating around 3000 healthy calories a day to support the pregnancy and milk supply. I think a lot has to do with the persistence of the nursing baby though, as the milk will eventually change to colostrum which may or may not bother your toddler. I understand the anxiety and guilty feelings, as I had them when I conceived when my son was 13 months what ended up being an early miscarriage. This time around I still hope my LO will continue to nurse, but I am no longer so worried about it if he happens to wean. Good luck mama and great job giving your babies the best!

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I nurse my older through my second pregnancy with mayor issue. I keep myself positive, even forget about it!. About that time also, I was transitioned my diet to eating to Traditional way. My oldest weaned herself at 6 1/2 yo and my youngest just recently at 4 1/2 yo... Enjoy your pregnancy and the last month that your oldest one will  have nunnies just for her.

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I have nursed through one pregnancy, and while I think my milk almost completely stopped flowing the last 3-4 months, my DD kept nursing (she was 19 months when DS was born).  I have read that your milk will usually dry up sometime between 4 - 8 months gestation.  Mine did.  Nursing became comfort much more than sustenance, but now that I've had the baby, and DD's back to getting milk and still loving nursing.  She will lay there and hold the baby's hand while they both nurse.  It is so precious.  My advice would be to keep nursing regardless.  This was baby #4 for me and all of mine, in my opinion, would have kept nursing just for closeness and comfort if in the same situation, but my other pregnancies were much farther apart.  So I assume most kids would too?  Best wishes.

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DS was 25 months when DD was born. He was night weaned at 18 mths not long after I found out I was pregnant.

My milk totally dried up around 4 or 5 months in to the pregnancy but he continued to nurse for every nap, every night before bed, and sometimes throughout the day. Nursing was painful during that time, sometimes I hated it, but I couldn't refuse him and I really wanted him to nurse for as long as he wanted to.

Once DD was born he began nursing more. He also has more opportunity to nurse since I'm home now on maternity leave. Both DS and DD continue to nurse and DS is so good about waiting his turn and letting his little sister nurse first.

I can understand your feelings but try not to be hard on yourself. Whether your milk dries up or not is out of your hands. Whether your DC wants to keep nursing is also out of your hands. I hope you find some peace if the outcome is not what you hoped for.
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I dried up around 5 months with my daughter but BuggaBoo still nursed.  I had to limit his nursing to ten second sessions due to pain, but once my milk came in after the birth everything was fine.  I recently just weaned both kiddos at 5 and almost 3.

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I had that same fear. I felt so bad and so guilty when we became pregnant again; he was 15 months and I knew I was pregnant when I felt sore nipples! You just know smile.gif

I dried up completely around 12-weeks, but he continued to dry-nurse with a lot of days with no interest and then he would pick back up again. Come 26 week mark, I started my colostrum and he's back to nursing regularly at nap and bed time. I'm current 40 wks and hope to tandem nurse.

That above scenario is the most common I've heard with breastfeeding and pregnancy, where drying up but then milk returns and toddler nurses then continues to nurse after birth therefore tandem.

I hope my experience gives you hope! Remember, you've done all you can to provide the best for your child(ren), do not beat yourself up!
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I am 34 weeks along with my second and my almost 2-year-old is still nursing a few times a night (she stopped nursing during the day before i got pregnant). My milk supply seems to be at the level she needs it to be so the same could be true for your LO smile.gif
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My DD was 16 months old when I got pregnant w/ DS. She continued to nurse throughout my pregnancy, tho' mainly for naps and bedtime. Don't think I had much milk by midway through (had to go away for 5 days without her & did not have to pump to relieve any discomfort). BUT! When DS was born, and my milk came back, she upped her nursing A LOT! and in those first days, boy was I glad because I had some serious engorgement going on, and she was really helpful with that. DS is now 3.5 months old, and DD shows no signs of slowing down, although she doesn't want to nurse every time she sees me feeding her brother anymore, which is a relief. all that to say, even if your supply dwindles during pregnancy, that doesn't necessarily mean she'll wean... Good luck!
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DS was 2.5 when I got pregnant with DD.   There were some painful months of nursing during the first trimester and some uncomfortable months during the third trimester but I didn't lose my supply. I tandem nursed for 3 months after DD was born. My DS was helpful at preventing me from getting engorged (he was pleased with the abundant supply!) 


Good luck to you and your little ones!

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