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I've thought about trying other milks, but to be honest I just don't know which to try!? I've heard good things about Almond milk, but not much about Coconut.  I was hoping she would go for cow's because of the fat content and the need for her to chub up a bit, but I probably should see if she'd like another better... 

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My baby girl is 19mo and loves boobies, I'll be 8w tomorrow and have dried a lot in the past week or so, my nipples hurt a LOT. Sometimes she doesn't get anything at all, maybe one swallow, I don't feel letdowns, she nurses two or three times a day, mostly for comfort I think. She also loves to twirl the other nipple at the same time and I didn't care much about it until now, somedays feels like needles sticking in and out of the nipples... very hard to manage! Trying to balance things between her desires and my limitations :)

Yes!!  My little guy, 25 months, loves playing with the other nipple while he nurses. I can not tell you how much I hate it, before-but especially now.  I only nurse him 2-3 times in 24 hours, I have to refuse at least once a day because it just hurts too much.  He seems super attached to nursing, more so then my first. 


Also, I think my right side is bruised internally.  It hurts when something (usually a kid) bumps into me.  I'm going to see my midwife tomorrow, maybe she'll give me some idea of what is going on with that. 

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I am still nursing 22 mo DD.  She dropped nursing on one side when I became pregnant.  She had shown a preference before, but freely nursed both sides right up until the BFP.  Anyone else had this?  I keep the other side completely covered to prevent and tweaking of the other nipple.  DD used to be a bad offender, but consistent talking about it and preventing it gradually made the problem go away.  My milk must be getting lower because she is kneeding the side she is nursing hard and that is not pleasant.

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My DD has changed her pattern a bit too. Definitely takes both breasts at each feeding now and she will either ignore nursing for hours while awake or hang off me completely. I have to keep her hands busy and her fingernails closely trimmed or I go nuts with the raking and the poking. I'm really hoping DH and I can rework her room to put a mattress on the floor. Having to move her on e she is asleep is getting harder and harder.
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we have very little milk left. :( i hope i get to keep a little but i can tell my little guy is frustrated. and the left breast that used to be the fullest is now the hardest to get milk out of. i can only sometimes feel the letdown...he keeps switching back and forth between the breasts asking for milk during a session--and doesn't seem satisfied. but is keeping at it. i've explained and will keep explaining that the milk will come back when the baby comes...but not for a while. 

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My little guy is 27 months. Fortunately, there hasn't been a reduction in milk so far. (I wonder if that's because I was nursing two up until a couple weeks before getting pregnant.) Having some nipple sensitivity, but so far, nothing like last time. I'm trying to remember when the really bad nipple pain began, but I can't remember. I'm hoping that since my current nursling's latch is so much better than my older DS (I'm pretty sure he had an undiagnosed tongue tie.), things won't get as painful. I hope, I hope.
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Hugs, Ashleybrook! It's so hard to see our LO's struggle. I haven't felt letdowns since DD was a few months old and haven't felt fullness or anything in a very long time either. I don't respond to the pump well either so I don't have much of a gauge besides DD. So far things seem ok. I think my supply dipped but either she's adjusted or it's not a huge amount. I wish there was something we could do to keep supply up during pregnancy and keep our nursings happy. I'm starting to get sensitive and it's worst in the evening and at night. I just offer a lot and try not to refuse for now since I can still tolerate it. It is just so frustrating that nothing really helps with pain or supply except time. I'm very much looking forward to the plentiful supply that will follow baby's birth. Hang in there everyone! Somehow we will make it to the other side.
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Any updates, ladies? I'm getting more sensitive but a few seconds after latch it feels better. Still going fairly well here.. 6 w 5d or so today
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I'm 8 weeks and a few days. I am very grateful that so far things are still going very well. There's some sensitivity, but nothing like last time. I had to work so hard to distract myself last time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll stay this way! I also still have a good supply. Was talking to my midwife yesterday and she agrees that I may still have a good supply because of nursing two up until a few weeks before getting pregnant. My nursling is 27 months.
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we are 10 weeks today....i've got a little nipple sensitivity when he latches as well, but after a few moments it seems to be better. also, if he goes a longer time between nursing it's more sensitive. running lower on milk and letdown...but i know we still have some milk. he's frustrated sometimes, when he's tired he's had a few moments of great upset with the milk...but on the whole, he's just going with it. nurses a lot longer during the session though.


anybody planning on night weaning before the babe comes? he's still nursing at night and i'd like for him to naturally quit before babe! :) don't really want to put the effort into weaning...what are you planning?

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Im lucky. On a good night DD is up once to nurse and that's all. My plan is to transition her from the crib to a mattress so I don't have to move her. I'm not planning on actively night weaning her. I plan to take the newborn into bed with DD and me when DD is having a tough time sleeping. Otherwise I plan to have the baby in the master bedroom in a crib or something. Maybe in the other bedroom. We will see about baby's sleep tendencies and needs and go from there. I think when there are sleep disruptions I'll cosleep with both.
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I'm still making milk fairly well and don't hurt a lot but MAN I get touched out SOOOOO easily! DD has a (usually sweet and endearing) habit of sticking her hands up my sleeves and gently petting my arms while I nurse her down at night and for her nap. I used to think it was adorable but now I can't stand her touching my skin while nursing. I feel so guilty because she likes the closeness and comfort of skin to skin contact and it gives me the jibblies!!! I can take her touching me and I can take her nursing but not at the same time! It's even worse because she is very gentle and any time she starts scraping a nail absentmindedly, all I have to do is say "gentle please" very quietly and she goes back to the nice patting or stroking. I feel like she is being very respectful at the breast, so what's wrong with me? Why does my sweet child's gentle, innocent touch on my arms of all places creep me out?! I remember during my first pregnancy I didn't want physical intimacy with DH (I highly preferred the "wham bam thank you ma'am" approach when I could tolerate anything) but this isn't sexual; it's my not yet two year old patting my arm!! Argh!!! I feel so nuts. Is anyone else going through a touch aversion type phase? I'm gonna nurse this girl as long as she wants but I'd really love to not hate it until July!
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I went through that with my last pregnancy. My little guy then was almost the same exact age that my current nursling is, but whoa, there were times, I just couldn't stand him on me. At. All. I was on pain meds for a severely herniated disk and could never be sure if it was due to the meds or the pregnancy. But, now reading your post, I think it was likely the pregnancy. Sooo glad I'm not feeling that this time (although, that was more around 14 weeks)! I really hope it doesn't start later. Lots of distraction for yourself is key. It's the only way I could tolerate him at all sometimes. Hugs, it will get better!
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Well, my nipples hurt, and I'm irritable. I plan to tandem if he nurses thru the pregnancy. He is 21mos and insatiable with his boobie needs. He wants to nurse CONSTANTLY. I'm sure looking forward to a couple mos from now when the boob pain ceases.
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Well, my nipples hurt, and I'm irritable. I plan to tandem if he nurses thru the pregnancy. He is 21mos and insatiable with his boobie needs. He wants to nurse CONSTANTLY. I'm sure looking forward to a couple mos from now when the boob pain ceases.
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Well, my nipples hurt, and I'm irritable. I plan to tandem if he nurses thru the pregnancy. He is 21mos and insatiable with his boobie needs. He wants to nurse CONSTANTLY. I'm sure looking forward to a couple mos from now when the boob pain ceases.

I'm lucky in that the pain is intermittent but it's always worst in the evening when DD (21 months on the 30th) needs to nurse to sleep. She's cut way back though, down to as little as 4 nursings in 24 hours. I'm hoping her love of nursing to sleep will mean she will make it through the pregnancy. I think once the baby is born and milk is plentiful she's gonna be back to her 8 to 12 sessions a day lol
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Definitely noticing more nipple sensitivity, but it's nowhere near as bad as last time, so I'm still handling it easily. Still having let-downs too, for which I'm grateful. I'm right at 10 1/2 weeks now.
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My guy is 21 mos. he loves the boobie. I am TIRED. I kinda want my body back for a few months before baby comes. I try to keep nursing a to morning, nap and bedtime. I just started night weaning. He wakes up a few times a week and I just can't take it any more. I work so having to be woken up at this stage is hard. Weaning is HARD. The thought of tandem nursing sounds overwhelming. I love nursing but I'm just so tired and see the future exhaustion of those Deliorious newborn days. Sigh.
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I am 10 weeks and nursing my 28m old little dude and I am *miserable*.   Milk is essentially gone - I can't express more than a drop and he's constantly telling me no more milkies, or milkies all gone yet wants to dry nurse all the time...  He still nurses to sleep, 2-3 times overnight, and ALL MORNING LONG.  I've gotten to the point where I find myself upset with him because he wants to nurse so much and between the pulling and uncomfy feelings on dry nursing and the nipple pain I am just done... He is VERY resistant to weaning - freaks out at the mention of 'milkies have gone to sleep" during the night...  I have to wean before the baby - I have chronic low supply due to endo/adeno and PCOS and we used donor milk supplementation from 2-6m with him so tandem is just not in the cards for us (nor do I really want to tandem...).  I have NO CLUE how to wean him - not a clue and I'm getting very discouraged.

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Suggesting you contact you local la leche leauge!!
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