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Hello all,
I have a wonderful 10 month old baby. We currently bedshare, and I love it. However, my son refuses to sleep alone for naps and at the beginning of the night. I currently sleep with him during the day, and hold him at the beginning of the evening (he sleeps, I watch tv). Sometimes I can lay with him and sneak away, but he wakes after about 20 minutes, and needs to be nursed or walked back to sleep. I would like to have a little free time, especially at night, so my husband and I can reconnect. We need to spend some time together! Any advice? Will he eventually learn to sleep longer alone if I just keep trying, or do I need to attempt a gentle method of teaching him to self soothe? Am I asking too much of him at 10months old? Has anyone else had this problem and how did you make it work?
Any advice would be much appreciated.