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Genevieve Camille is here!! UPDATED w/ birth story and pics!

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I had my baby girl at 3:06 this morning (11/16), 3 days past my edd.  I will post her story and pics later, but it was a fast birth and everything went well and she's doing great!  I guess all those cramps yesterday were the real deal.  


Genevieve was 8 pounds even (so much for my mw's prediction of over 9) 21 inches long with a full head of dark hair.  


She's so beautiful!!

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Yeah!!!! Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics!

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wonderful!  love her name too!  Congrats!

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That's awesome! joy.gif I am SO happy for you and your baby girl!!! thumb.gif


love.gif Welcome Genevieve Camille!!! love.gif

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Love her name and can't wait for pics. Glad to hear you had a fast birth. Congratulations!!
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wonderful - congratulations!

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Yay!  Congratulations, what a lovely name!

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What a delightful name! Congrats!!

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Congratulations! Beautiful name!

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thank you everyone!!  I can't wait to share her birth story soon.   Genevieve is a joy, but I'm so tired.  Milk is coming in last night/today and nursing is going pretty well (sore nipples still), but she seems to be learning how to latch really quick.

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Update- Birth Story.


My edd was tuesday 11/13, I went in for a mw appointment and she found my cervix to be mostly unchanged, but I was dilated 1 cm.  She stretched me to a 3 and did a membrane sweep.  She also thought that the baby was at least 9 pounds, so the thought of going to much beyond that point was really undesirable to me.  I was frustrated at my body's lack of progress but hopeful that something would happen in the next day or 2.


It didn't.  I continued to feel like nothing was happening, until 11/15.  I woke up and noticed very mild cramps coming every 20 minutes.  I also had small pieces of mucus and spotting happening.  I didn't really think this was anything and continued throughout my day very normally.  I did chat with my mw that evening and she told me that she thought something would happen when I went to sleep.  She also encouraged me to have sex.  By 9 the cramps seemed worse and I was exhausted.  We skipped dtd (couldn't even imagine attempting that) and went to bed.  I woke up an hour later at 10:00 to increased cramping coming every 5 minutes.  This was still mild and so I tried to just lay down and watch tv for a bit.  After an hour they were intensifying and really uncomfortable.  I woke up dh at 11:00 and told him what was happening and called my mw to ask her what I should do.  I was confused about how I would know when to go into the birthing center.  Also, I had to call my dad who lived an hour away to come watch my girls.  She thought that I was in early labor and advised me to have my dad come and then call her when ctx were 5 minutes apart lasting 1 minute for an hour. 


We began to throw last minute things together to take to the birthing center.  I began to notice that any movement caused the ctx to come.  I could no longer walk around b/c they were on top of each other.  After 45 minutes (with my dad still not here) I told dh to call the mw and that we WERE coming in as soon as dad arrived.  She seemed very unbelieving that this was the real thing and asked to speak to me.  (In her defense, I have a history of long labors and they continued to tell me throughout my pregnancy to not expect this to be any different, that my body just labored that way).  She told me that she was fine with having me come in for a check but that she couldn't admit me unless I was at least 4 cm. and in active labor.  I was seriously despaired by her comment, but prayed that when I got there I would be staying.  My dad arrived right as I hung up with mw.  It took us another hour to get everything together and for me to get into the car- I kept having to stop for ctx.  Also, I could not stay out of the bathroom- I never pooped so much in my entire life!  I told dh that if she sent me home that we were driving right to the hospital (only 1 minute up the road) and walking into the ER (and I was thinking that I was asking for an epidural)  I was already feeling like I couldn't do this anymore.  I did not realize what was happening.  I kept thinking that I was being so weak and overdramatic and so afraid that my mw wouldn't keep us. 


I arrived at the birth center around 2 AM and when checked was found to be 6 cm with bulging bag of waters.  I was so relieved.  But at this point, I was having a hard time coping.  I still had it in my head that I had another 8 hours or so.  I was barely enduring the contractions and kept trying to relax and surrender like the hypnobirthing teaches (this worked so well for my previous labor).  The most comfortable place for me to be was on the toilet, since I couldn't stop peeing or pooping.  The pressure was awful.  My mw told me that if I felt my water break or the urge to bear down to call her.  Dh was with me.  Suddenly I had this monster ctx and felt my water break and this insane pressure all at once.  I began bearing down involuntarily.  Mw came flying into the bathroom and made me/helped me get down on all fours on the floor.  My body was pushing and there was no way I was having that baby anywhere but right there.  After about 2 minutes, Genevieve was born with me on hands and knees on the bathroom floor of the birth center.  This was at 3:06, only an hour after we arrived.  I was in utter shock at the speed of everything. 


Genevieve breathed right away and pinked up very quick.  She has been perfect.  After delivering the placenta (only 2 minutes later- mw gave me a shot of pitocin b/c my platelets were low and she was nervous about bleeding) I walked back to the birthing room bed.  Genevieve latched on right way and nursed for a long time.  I had no tears at all.  Everything went so well.  After about 20 minutes the second mw arrived!  There's always supposed to be 2 for deliveries, but there was no time for that.  We stayed for a few hours and sat in front of the fire in the living room while Genevieve slept in my arms.  We arrived home at 7 AM, only 15 minutes after my big girls woke up, to introduce them to their sister. 


I think I'm still processing things, but overall I'm happy at how smoothly it all went.  It was just very intense!









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Oh my, what a gorgeous baby!  Thanks so much for sharing your birth story, it does sound intense... I'm so glad you have her safely in your arms now!

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Oh my, she's beautiful!!! Glad everything turned out well!!

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Beautiful baby and girls!  Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!

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She is gorgeous; she really looks like a Genevieve! Congratulations!

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sooo cute! joy.gif

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