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Silvia Jade is here

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Finally have a few moments to write!


Silvia Jade arrived on November 9 at 1:06 in the morning. (natural in hospital)

6 pounds 4 ounces

18 inches


And yes she was full term!

Even the midwives thought she'd be a 8-9 lb. baby, but apparently I grow peanuts, with small placentas and skinny cords to boot!


We had a family visit to our chiropractor Thursday evening the 8th.  The Dr. took my little toes and circled them 36 times one way and then 36 the other.  She did some points near my perineum to open my birth canal and declared that I would have the baby before Sunday (the 11th, the due date!).  About 15 minutes after arriving home, (7:00 pm) I wasn't feeling great, so I laid down and started feeling 'crampy' - I started watching the clock and it seemed I was having contractions every 6-10 minutes.  I ate dinner with DH and DD, took a shower and finished packing.  Contractions seemed to get a little closer - this was all new for me since my water broke last time and we went straight to the hospital - I had never timed contractions before!  I called the midwives and was disappointed to hear which one was on call... the one that I wasn't as comfortable with....anyway she told me to wait until 4-1-1 unless I really felt it was moving faster.  At this point we had already called my parents (about 30 minutes away) to come over and watch DD.

Around 9:30 pm contractions were 5 minutes apart consistently and I decided it was time (I was nervous about getting antibiotics in time for the GBS), so I called the midwife and she said she'd meet us at the hospital.


Once at the hospital (arrived at 10 pm), they had me sit in the bed and hooked me up to the machines to monitor baby HR and my contractions.  The nurse kept talking about IF they admit me.... blah, blah, blah.  It seemed like they were taking their sweet time....They finally called the midwife in to check my cervix, I was at a 3, so they started to admit me, slowly.... I'm sure they thought there was plenty of time...  Finally got my IV antibiotics started around 11 pm and at this point the nurse was filling out all my paperwork, so all I had to do was sign since contractions were getting stronger and more uncomfortable.  I could not sit still and the dang IV tubes were driving me crazy.  I kept using the bathroom, rocking on the birthing ball, pacing around the room.  DH was taking my orders calmly, knotting a sheet under my belly and pulling on it when I asked and so on.  I didn't feel like I could get a handle on these contractions...

Our photographer friend arrived at 11:30 and contractions really picked up.  The nurse began filling the labor tub and by the time that was ready I barely felt like I could make it there (in a separate room).  I did get to labor in the tub a bit (15 minutes?)- 12:45 am?, but kept feeling the urge to push... midwife checked me and I was at a 10 with just the lip of the cervix to go, so back to the room we went.  I knelt on the bed and started pushing and oh my it happened fast.... maybe 5 pushes ... midwife didn't have time for gloves so caught her barehanded and handed her to me between my legs as I was kneeling over her - she was pink and crying and all was bliss.  1:06 a.m. She stayed on my chest for the next 90 minutes while they worked on me.


Except that my placenta didn't want to come out..... so after 40 minutes of waiting, the midwife reached into my uterus and pulled it out (and yes, I accepted pain meds for that!)  Also lots of stitching - apparently I tore before her head was even there and apparently her head had not dropped and I pushed her much farther down through the canal than is normal....??


So blessed and thankful that she is here.  So happy to NOT have the pitocin this time around!!  We did have to stay 40 hours in the hospital since I didn't have the antibiotics for the 4 hours before birth that is preferred. What a crazy, messy, fast and yet beautiful birth!


Thanks for 'listening' mama's!  Now we are home enjoying DH's week off work and bonding as a family.  Working on 'perfecting' our breastfeeding - ouch trauma to the nipples, but she is a good eater and gaining weight.

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Wow! What a wonderful birth story! So glad everything went well! Congrats!

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Woohoo!!! Congrats!!! smile.gif
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Sorry, double post but double congrats anyways!!!
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I wish my chiropractor would do that toe thing to me! Lol!


Congratulations mama!

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I want the toe treatment too! lol.gif


Congrats mama! Sending healing vibes your way!!!


energy.gif Welcome baby Silvia!!! energy.gif

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What a wonderful birth! Congratulations!
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Welcome Silvia!  Congratulations!

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Congratulations!!! Welcome Silvia! Great name wink1.gif!!!

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Congratulations!! Yeah I had an ER doc manually remove a piece of retained placenta from my cervix one week pp. I took the pain meds, too wink1.gif birth IS a blissful mess!
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Silvia - 1 week old - with big sister Kiana.


Also meant to clarify in my birth story that although I was nervous about the midwife on call since I didn't know her as well.... she was amazing and was given to us for a reason!

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What a sweet picture!!

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Oh my gosh, what a precious photo and adorable kids! Congratulations on her birth :)

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Congratulations!!! What a beautiful baby and older daughter you have. And a beautiful birth story, too. :)

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Congratulations and welcome to Silvia! Her big sis looks so sweet with her...

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