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Mamas, I am so disappointed.  For my whole 3rd tri babe has had his back squarely in front, mostly on the left (though it moved to the right for a day or so once a week or so for a while, and then back again).  But for 2 days now, he has been squarely posterior...!


DS was posterior his entire 3rd tri and came around miraculously *on his own* the day before labor began, so part of me wants to just let baby and nature do their thing....


But is there something I should I be doing about this?  I'm 37w5d.



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mamaharrison posted a link a while back about "spinning babies" with all kinds of stuff on how to get baby in a good position. so you could look for that thread, or just google it. there are some stretches that help baby have more room in the uterus to turn. mine has had her back to my side this whole tri, so i'm hoping she turns herself a bit, and in the right direction, in the next few weeks.

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Thanks, will google that!
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Also, I could be wrong but I think your baby still has room to spin side to side, if not as much up to down. My midwife was checking my stomach last week (at 36 weeks) and my baby turned from left to right during the check itself! And I know someone whose baby turned posterior during labor and then turned back a couple of hours later. It's definitely worth checking stuff out now, but I think it's also safe to say that the baby can still turn to the right direction up until the last minute. Good luck mama!!

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MOST babies will turn themselves anterior . . . by the time they are actually coming out.  (DS1 for example, after 21 hours of a 22 hour labor.)  A few will not (DS2 was born posterior = sunny side up = stargazer after a much shorter labor, 6.5 hours).  I'm not too worried about posterior vs. anterior position for myself because I've had that experience and know my body is perfectly capable of pushing out a posterior baby.  He was my biggest baby, too (although not huge compared to other people's babies.)  BUT, it is true that an anterior labor/birth is a lot more comfortable (DD, labor and birth anterior after 4 hours of labor).  And when I am working with clients I definitely encourage doing what can be done to encourage anterior positioning, especially for first time mamas and/or 'big' babies.  Check out spinningbabies.com for sure, and look at the sections about before labor AND during labor, because it's never too late! 

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My midwife had a client go to an OB for an inversion with a baby that's very likely to be 10 lbs+ - and that was successful, baby was turned a day before the due date. :) And my last labor had baby posterior and we turned him during transition/when I should have been pushing. Hula-hoop/belly-dance circles worked well for us there. I'd definitely check out spinning babies. You can elevate your pelvis too while on your back (prop up with pillows) and see if the baby will turn, but you don't want to do that more than necessary. Good luck!!
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My LO has been flipping back and forth daily. As long as I can still tell her is head down then I am OK!! I do figure that a posterior labor would be more uncomfortable but really with still a few weeks before my DD I figure even if I got him in a good position he is likely to do his own thing and flip back and forth anyway.

Plus, you have experience with a LO getting in position just before labor!!

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Yes to everyone's advice above. I wouldn't worry too much until you are getting ready to go into labor. Check out spinning babies. That stuff really does work! Also, you could try to find a copy of the spinning babies belly mapping book. That will really show you how and what to feel for, making you more aware of where babe is sitting exactly. 


During my last two prenatals, this babe has started out our belly massage posterior, but before I'm ready to leave, about 15 minutes later, he has flipped back to anterior.  I think we all still have some time before this could become a problem. Don't stress, mama! You don't need that! 

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Thank you all so much for the info and for sharing your experiences!!!  It is totally reassuring.


He has been switching back and forth over the last day or so (like so many of you said he would/could!!) so I am having faith he will figure it out!  I went to the pool today and he was posterior the whole time there though...


I have now looked into spinningbabaies and it is very informative and complete!  I will however be taking note of what to do in a posterior labor just in case winky.gif


Hoping all your babies get into / stay in comfy laboring positions for you all too...

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