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6yo has a UTI?

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At least I think that's what it is...

I came home today from shopping and my husband informed me that our 6yo daughter had been going to the bathroom every couple of minutes to pee and complaining of mild pain.

She doesn't have a fever and her urine smells about the same as always. But she has continued to have a crazy frequent urge to pee all evening.

I do not want to put her on antibiotics and I'm concerned about helping this infection (if that's what it is) clear quickly.

So. Throw your remedies and experience my way. :-) Is it all cranberry juice and probiotics or should I be trying something else?

Also - we are extremely dairy-selective, so, no yogurt. Just fyi, since that is a really common suggestion for UTI's.

Thanks in advance!
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Give her lots of water


Take her to a doctor & get her urine cultured ASAP - you don't want the UTI to move up her urinary track and turn into a kidney infection.

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