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Second trimester announcements & celebrations!

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Anyone have special plans for announcements and celebrations? It just hit me that my first trimester is almost over. There are a few people left that my son and mother haven't told. Gotta celebrate. Not sure how yet.
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Even though this is my fifth pregnancy, I still am not clear when the 1st tri ends!  I think it's because some books/sites say 13 weeks and some say 14 weeks. 

Anyway, I've been starting to tell some friends (especially since I'm starting to show and wear maternity clothes.)

We're having a family picture taken today and I was thinking about posting it to Facebook on Thanksgiving with some cheesy saying about being thankful for my family and the new addition coming next year. (I'll be just shy of 12 weeks on Thanksgiving, but it's pretty close and I should hear the baby's heartbeat on Tuesday.)

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I just turned 12 weeks yesterday! I know there are different ideas of when the second trimester starts, so I'm just doing the old divide 40 weeks by 3. So 13 weeks and 3 days, then 26 weeks and 6 days and so forth. So I haven't classified myself as the second trimester yet, but still hitting the 12 week mark is exciting for me!
We actually just announced on fb last night, and we told most of our close friends this past week. So it's nice to finally have the world know!
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The whole stinking world found out well before I wanted to tell a soul (other than DH) - but all the better, as I was so sick for weeks that we really needed the extra support.


I feel SO good about coming up on 12 weeks (soon!)...whether or not that's the official start of the second trimester to me, I feel huge relief reaching that milestone!


I'm able to find little one's heartbeat so easily now, which is truly reassuring to me - both the heartbeat, and the fact that LO is obviously growing away in there!


Can NOT wait for movement and a huge belly! :) Oh....and an u/s in less than 2 weeks! I remember how adorable they are in those late first trimester ultrasounds - looking like a real baby, jumping around, still small enough that you can view their entire body on the screen at once.

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Sorry that this is off topic! But SweetMama!! Do you have a Doppler at home that you find the heartbeat with? I still haven't heard my baby's heartbeat and im 12w4d my next appt isn't until Dec 10.. Soo far away! I have a Doppler at home but I'm nervous to look around for the heartbeat because I'm afraid I won't find it, and I'll make myself a mess. How do you do it??
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I do have my own doppler at home. You may not find it at first - it's a bit tricky, but I think you can do it if you're persistent! Place the doppler right under your belly button, but close to your pelvic bone - near the hairline (but not on it at 12w4d probably - just above). Listen around...baby's heartbeat is distinctly fast (youtube to find what it sounds like if you aren't sure). If you hear one of your arteries, chances are baby is very near that (in my experience). Move it ever so slightly and listen carefully. When you find that little one's heartbeat, you'll know it! You don't have to press crazy hard, either...but remember, it's like pointing a laser beam at a flashing (and moving!) peppercorn. It takes very small movements and patience. Don't forget to use lube to help conduct the sound! Good luck. :)

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I am just over 12 weeks and announce it on FB yesterday (Thanksgiving)  I updated my status as,  I am not making a turkey this year, I just have a bun in the oven....

Happy Thanksgiving!.   it was fun, I figured everyone would be poking around online 

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We just announced on FB Wednesday night. I posted a thread with a photo of the announcement. It plays on our first announcement with DD. It's nice to be able to be more open about things!
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