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Breastfeeding and possible cavity

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I am having tooth pain, and as much as I hate the thought of it, I think I may have a cavity, or twogreensad.gif I would love to avoid the dentist at least until I am fnished with breastfeeding but I don't think I can do that. I really need to get in there to get checked out because I know how important dental health is. Anyway, I am worried about the impact of cavity filling and Novocaine, or other numbing solutions they may possibly use, on breastfeeding. Are there any concerns with any of this? Should I get the white (resin) composite filling vs. the silver amalgam which I have always gotten in the past? I don't even know if our insurance would cover the resin and it doesn't sound as if it is very durable.


I'm just worried the effect it may have on BFing and would love to hear some feedback! TIA.

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following!! I am in similar boat! 

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Check Kellymom or dr sears to be sure, but I don't think there is any danger at all since it is local anesthetic that is used. Good luck!
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I am an ND working in a biologic dental office. We perform healthy dental options on pregnant/lactating women routinely. All numbing agents that are used for fillings are considered class C therefore your breast milk is safe and unaffected. When we IV sedate I would ask a nursing mom to express and toss that milk post op. In regards to your question about whether to choose resin over mercury fillings- I will tell you DO NOT EVER get mercury fillings! They are completely toxic and I would encourage you to have any existing mercury fillings safely removed and replaced with the white composite. Find a biologic dentist in your area and only go there whether they are in network or not, this is your health and the health of your child. Log onto either the IABDM or the IAOMT websites to find a healthy dentist closest to you.

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I have had about 16 fillings done while breastfeeding my daughter.  No problems whatsoever.  I had the work done by regular dentists.  I prefer white fillings because they look better.  I have no idea if they are better for me than amalgam,.

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Basic dental work done while nursing isn't that big of a deal unless your removing mercury fillings. The white composite fillings do look better but they are actually healthier for you. The metal fillings are more than 50% mercury, mercury is a neuro- toxin and releases a vapor with friction and warm liquids. This vapor is absorbed into our bodies and causes heavy metal poisoning. The World Health Org. (WHO) is putting a world wide ban on the use of mercury in dental restorations by the year 2015...the ADA is not expected to be compliant. Make sure you see a mercury safe dentist, one that understands the safety issues around this topic.

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