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Sylvie Raven has arrived!

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Just a quick post to announce the birth of our lovely Sylvie Raven, born November 10th at 5:58 pm. 7 lbs 12 oz, 21"


My water broke at 10:30 pm on the 9th - two weeks ahead of schedule so I was really surprised. I was asleep when it happened but the gush woke me up. Expected things to kick in quickly as they did with my daughter when my water broke but that was not Sylvie's way. No contractions until 3:40 pm the following day despite lots of walking. Our midwives' policy is that labor must start within 24 hrs of water breaking so I had really begun to worry that we'd have to go in for an induction. Thankfully, that did not happen! After a long hike up a steep hill in the woods and lots of black and blue cohash, labor kicked in with bang. Super intense contractions immediately and Sylvie was born two hours later. I think I only had to push a few times. She was covered in vernix and gave a little cry. She latched within 20 min and is nursing well. Everyone is happy (enough anyway! My 15 month old is a little miffed about having to share me!)




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She's adorable, congrats!  

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Beautiful baby! My almost 18 month old is having a tough time, too. I find myself wondering how long it will take for acceptance to sink in. Right now he's in the anger phase wink1.gif Best of luck and congrats!
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So wonderful that you did not have to be induced.  Glad she is healthy!  And what a fantastic namesmile.gif  Our Sylvie/Silvia's almost made it out on the same day!

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wow, that sounds as if things went really fast in the end. congratulations, she is a cutie!

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She's adorable! Congrats!
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So glad labor kicked in and that she came quickly! Congrats, she's lovely!!!

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two hours, yes, that sounds good, can I vote that for me too?  :) CONGRATS mama, enjoy your new little sweet baby, so cute!

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Congratulations--what a lovely baby and a beautiful name!

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