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Welcome two wonderful Judes!!  Congrats mamas!

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She's so beautiful and perfect!  Congratulations!!

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Congrats Ginger and Kate! Kate your labor sounds very similar to mine (like a freight train)!
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Brantley Albert was born December 14, 2012 at 6:20am.  By far my longest labor out of all three of my little ones, 19 hours.  At a routine check up with the Dr at 10:00am Thursday(12/13)  morning I was dilated a fingertip and still had a thick cervix.  Dr tried stimulating it so I would thin out a little. After the 20 minute drive home I started contractions, after timing and talking with hubby and Dr we decided to go to the hospital at about 2pm was dilated to 1-2cm by the time we made it to the hospital.  After walking and checking for 2 hours I was admitted and made it to 6cm on my own thumbsup.gif (last two births were with a different doctor, different hospital and was put on pitocin right away).  At 6cm he decided he was done!!  LABOR STOPPED!!  My Dr is awesome and came in and did some back manipulative's and other things to help get started again, at this time my water had broke and we were just waiting.  DH, myself and Dr decided to start pitocin hopmad.gif at this point it was 3am and I was exhausted!!  After being awake for 24 hours and in labor for 19 hours our little man decided to make his way into the world.  Pushed 4 times and there he was, very minimal tearing (cut with the two previous births) and skin to skin time right away and right to the boobie.  It wasn't the all natural birth I had hoped for but was a much better and more natural experience than I had previously.  For being 18 days early Brantley was 7 lbs. 6oz and 19 1/2 inches.  We are so blessed to have him as a member of our clan.  We are still working on sleeping at night, but we will get there.  Much love to all the other December 2012 Momma's and babies  hug2.gif    namaste.gif




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Congratulations, edensmama!!  What wonderful news -- so glad you got to have a positive birth experience!  Welcome baby Brantley. :)

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Aaaw, congratulations Edensmama! So glad you got to have Brantley with fewer interventions! Great size for an early baby too!

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finally I have a picture to share. Here is Evelyn James 1 week old


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I'm typing one-handed so this'll be short. Our Nora Margaret was born 12-18-12 at 6:07pm. I felt the first contraction at 11:15 the night before. She was 8 lbs even and is 20 inches long and nursed for the first two hours of her life! She's slightly jaundice so we're keeping an eye on her, but hasn't lost much weight so the doctors aren't too concerned as long as she keeps on doing what she's doing- eating well and pooping alot too. My 2yo and 1yo are adjusting well and love watching her nurse. :) dd has already been practicing on her dolls and has even offered to try feeding her if I'm too busy. lol Congratulations to all the mommas who've had their babies!

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Congratulations annaka! I think I was nursing when I saw you post on FB so I didn't get a chance to respond. Our little ones were born the exact same size! orngbiggrin.gif

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Sweetmilk - she's beautiful!


And congratulations annaka!!!

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Oh Kate she is so cute! I love that there is another Jude heartbeat.gif And all the babies are soooo cute:P I singled out Kate because that was the last post I saw LOL. But yay babies!!!!


Here's a picture of Jude: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gstick61/8289255554/

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Congratulations all!  Ginger...she is stunningly beautiful.

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Ginger! Thanks for posting the picture of Jude. She is beautiful, just like all your other children! (Truly, you and your DH make the most beautiful children)!

How did things end up going with your MIL and telling her about the DS? Is she still there? I could see how you could skip telling her because Jude really doesn't look like she has strong DS facial features. I hope things went well with her visit and that she was a big help to you and your DH while you adjusted to life with another kiddo! hug2.gif

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Am I the only one who hasn't had my baby yet?!!! I was due 12/21/12...it's now Christmas and I am still pregnant!! All of your sweet bundles are precious!

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Originally Posted by Naomilove View Post

Am I the only one who hasn't had my baby yet?!!! I was due 12/21/12...it's now Christmas and I am still pregnant!! All of your sweet bundles are precious!
I haven't yet, either, but I'm not due until the 27th. But with sooooo many who went so early, I'll probably end up on the far side of my due date, too.
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So thrilled to announce that Vivienne Rose was born on 12/23 at 9:24 am, after 10 days of prodromal labor followed by 30 hours of intense labor!  She weighed 7 lbs, 6 oz and was 19.25 inches long, 13.5 in head circumference. It is a LONG story, so I'll just share the highlights for now (nursing baby on my chest :).  I woke about 3 am on the 22nd with painful contractions, and my water broke about an hour later. Contrax were immediately 2-3 minutes apart, so we called the birth center and decided to go pretty quickly. Got there at 5:30 am and declined to be checked d/t water broken and GBS +...   and then basically labored for the next 30 hours!!  It ended up that my sacrum is curved inward (which explains my prior two long and difficult births), and this baby was bigger than my first two.  So it took a million different positions, a very active labor with constant movement, to bring her INTO my pelvis and dilate my cervix. It was such a difficult emotional experience to cope with the doubt and fear that it wouldn't happen and why there was so little progress, not to mention the pain and exhaustion from such a long ordeal.  But I had incredible support from my partner and one of my good friends, who kept me laughing the entire time (literally, I don't know how she did it, but we were all still laughing even at the end), my 12-year-old daughter who stayed for the entire birth (did sleep for a while overnight), and 3 incredible CNMs and two fabulous nurses. The whole time, I just kept telling myself... PATIENCE, COURAGE, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY... and refused to really believe that it might not happen.  Ultimately, I ended up having to push past my cervix with the midwife holding it back manually in order to get my baby past the bones...  which was so hard!!  But it worked, and once she moved down she was born very quickly -- I was able to get into the birth tub and four minutes later, pushed her out into my partner's hands. She was absolutely PERFECT.  She never faltered the entire time, and I was so blown away by the intensity of the experience and the sheer perfection of my baby.  I am in a daze of bliss and gratitude. 


Thanks to all of you moms who have shared your stories here, many of which I thought of and took strength from as a I faced my self-doubt and fear during that long long process that I might not be able to do it... I feel blessed to have this online source of knowledge of "a different way," as I'm sure that most women in my position would have been talked into/accepted a c-section due to "failure to progress."  But I know -- as you all do -- that birth can happen normally if you have patience, courage, strength, and flexibility!  And enough amazing women around you to cheer you on and make you laugh through your pain.  :-)




Vivienne Rose, about 3 hours old

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Congratulations Ginger and Wendy!  What beautiful girls!


That was a lovely birth story Wendy - you almost made me cry.  And look at those pudgy arms!  xox

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I had my baby boy on Dec 14th at 1:36 AM.  All is well and will have to update after I get diapers made.

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