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More stats- 48cm long- dunno what that is in inches???
7 pound 10 smile.gif
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It rounds to 19" winky.gif  Good size baby for 37+ weeks, Travelmumma!

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Sandy, that is awesome!! <3

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Zarah Amelia was born 11/24, 6lbs 1oz, and 19.25 inches long! I will try (again!) to post our birth story soon.

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Congratulations to all the new mamas!!! Your babies are gorgeous.

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Oh my gosh, I am just coming out of the new mommy fog. I know I announced the birth somewhere but I guess not on this thread?! Aaah, sleep-deprivation at it's best.

Marcus Amir

(born at 38w5d)

12-1-12 @ 4:57 p.m.

8 pounds

20 inches


One hour old:





One day old:





Two days old:



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Soooo gorgeous!  heartbeat.gif

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He is so perfect Tropicana!! <3

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What a sweetie!

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I haven't posted on this board as much as I had intended, but thought I'd add my little one to the tally :)


Jude Wesson born at 5:20am on 11/25/12 (39+2 - my first time not going past my EDD and totally unexpected lol) and was 10lb 7oz.


Jude was born by repeat c-section due to failure to progress so I did not get my HBA2C unfortunately. We transferred at my request after my water broke on Thursday morning with only prodromal-type labor pattern until Sat evening when we went in. I was having intense pain that I could not explain. Turns out I had an extensive uterine rupture that happened right before the cesarean (meaning as I was getting prepped, likely. The pain I was feeling before I would imagine had to do with the pressure/thinning of my uterus at the spot where it eventually ruptured? Just guessing. Glad I followed my instincts and went in though). Interestingly, it did not appear to be related to my previous incisions. I've been told not no attempt to carry more pregnancies but fortunately I was planning on this being my last child and feel blessed that the outcome has been good. Baby spent 5 days in the NICU (don't even get me started on that one) but is wonderful and healthy and we are home now.

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Congrats Marilyn and welcome Jude! Sounds like you did great listening to your instincts, good for you!

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Welcome Jude & congrats Marilyn. So glad you listened to your intuition and went to the hospital and are now safe and sound! ((hugs)) for not getting that HBA2C, though. Glad to hear Jude is healthy and home, too. Happy babymoon! joy.gif

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So I think I've caught everybody in the opening of the thread who has posted here on MDC.  I'm not trying to get the ones from FB because I don't know who enough people are on there redface.gif.  So post here if you want to be listed here!


Marilyn, I agree, awesome job listening to your body.  I'm sad for you, too - letting go of a dream is always hard.  (((hugs)))  But AWESOME job listening to your body!

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Marilyn- So glad to hear that you and Jude are safe and well!  Congratulations on your sweetie!

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Congratulations to madis81 and Marilyn82!


Tropicana, your little guy is too adorable.


Here's Sofia. heartbeat.gif (Born at 40w3d in a med-free hospital birth)



Wearing a knit Toasty Sleeper and matching hat that I just barely finished in time...lol.



Dressed up to go home yesterday afternoon.


She's nursing well and generally being adorable. My husband is absolutely smitten - like I told him he would be. love.gif

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Zebrachick - Sofia is so cute, congrats!

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Zebrachick, Sofia is soooo beautiful!

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Congrats to all the other new mamas -- I've been trying to keep up, but GG is keeping me busy!  They are all beautiful!

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congrats mamas! 

marylin--what a story! So powerful and important to listen to your wise woman voice and I am happy to hear that you did! I am so glad that you and Jude are safe and healthy. I know that it was a necessary surgical birth, but make sure that you reach out if you discover that you are needing some love in coping with the change of plans from the expected and desired HBAC~~it is tough to have our dreams changed last moment even when it is for our highest good in every way possible. If you need support, we got you, mama! and WOW! what a fully cooked babe at 10+lbs!! I am anticipating a big one, too......

zebra--what a doll! She is so perfect in every way <3 congrats!

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