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Wow - congratulations mamas and welcome to all the new babies!


Thora Lake was born on 12-11-12 at 8:44pm after a very short, intense and terrific natural VBAC (two hours!). She was 6 lbs at 37+1 weeks. We are all doing well, just got home today, nursing lots and trying to rest.


Love to all the mamas :)

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Congratulations, sunseeker!!! So happy for your successful vbac!!

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My big 9lb1 little guy was born yesterday after an extremely short intense labor! Mw said I was 3/4cm and they were running the bath for me when he was born LOL. He is perfect and we are so happy! He was very fussy for 24h and the baby nurse said that's often the case for babies born extremely fast. He's fine now tho! More another time!

Congrats to all the other births! More later!
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Wow Lilac that is awesome! Congratulations!

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Congratulations sunseeker! Love the name!

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Congratulations sunseeker and lilac!  Can't wait to see photos!

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Sunseeker and Lilac- Wonderful news!  Congrats mamas!

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Genevieve Soleil arrived Earthside Wednesday, December 12th, at 8:12 pm. She weighed 8lbs (according to dh, the scale said 8 even until the mw's asst turned it to look at the display; they said 8lbs7oz) and was 21" long.

I'm planning to write out a long birth story blog post, and will post it & link it here whenever it gets done, but I had a couple rounds of early labor that stalled out, starting at 11pm the night before. So I had acupuncture (and basically started active labor when I got off the table!), got a couple supplements per her suggestion, (got stuck in traffic,) was told by both the mw and her assistant that my ctx weren't very intense or close enough together, called them again when I felt that changed (they disagreed), got in the pool to try to relax, ctx got even more intense and closer, told mw to come, but baby girl didn't bother waiting for them. We had an unplanned UC, and dh did great listening to me and catching Nevie. We were in bliss by the time my friend came to take pictures--even she beat both the mw and her assistant! I consciously chose hands and knees since DS2 came so fast and I wasn't in a great position and tore. TWO ohmygodi'mnotpushing contractions later, she was out--I had to confirm that my midwife said no tearing with my own eyes. Some abrasions, yes, but no tears.
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Congrats Rae!  I often think mamas know better than midwives - don't tell!;)  Awesome story and so cool that your dh got to catch her!  xox

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So many new babies!!!  Congratulations everyone!

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So it turns out that we heard the nurse wrong - Porter was 21.5" according to the hospital records they send home. We thought he was longer than 20.5." 


MamaB can you update the original post?



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Sure, no problem.  Long baby!

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Amazing story, Rae!  What an accomplishment -- congratulations!!!!  And beautiful baby. :-)  So happy for all of you holding your babies now!

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Yes, amazing story and beautiful baby...congrats Rae!

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Update for GreenTeaGinger...Jude was born December 16th at 6:15. She was 7lbs. 13ozs and 20 inches long. She's beautiful and has sailed through all her health checks. And she's NURSING great! 

It was a very quick birth. I woke up really crampy early Sunday morning but was finally able to get some more sleep. I had lots of painless contractions all day but around 4 they started to get a bit more intense. By five, I was having to breath through them, and by 5:30, I was in a lot of pain. We decided to go in and just check to see how things were going thinking we'd get sent home but by the time we made it to the van, I KNEW this was it. I was already starting to go into "laborland." Luckily we live seriously like right next door and while we had to drive (pouring rain) we were able to get there fast. I scared some old guy at the elevator LOL but lucky for him we missed his elevator because I had to stop and work through a contraction. When we go to L&D I was sweating and unable to talk. I swore a few times at H and the nurse too :P They both took it in good spirits (all I said to the nurse was "HELL NO I don't want a wheelchair." I got into the bathroom to change into a gown, and sat down to go the bathroom and my water broke (the nurses teased me about how considerate I was LOL), and then I got up and said "Okay I have to push NOW." And five minutes later I had a baby:) 

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Congratulations GreenTea!!

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Congratulations GreenTea!  xoxxo

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Yeah Ginger!!!!! joy.gif


So, so happy to read this! I have been anxious to hear how things went for you both. She is a great size...can't wait to see her sweet face! smile.gif

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Congrats Ginger! Glad it all went well!
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I posted this over at FB already because it was easier with one hand, but wanted to make sure I posted this over here. Jude Apache arrived this morning at 5:58. She weighs 8lb 13 oz and is 20.5 inches long. My water broke at about 10:30 last night and contractions started about an hour later. They were immediately 5 minutes apart and over a minute long. Things moved very quicky, much to my complete shock and I was pushing by 4:30 when my doula arrived. My midwives got here about 20 minutes later, thank goodness since I don't know if DP was thrilled about an unplanned UC. We never got the birth tub filled and she ended up being born on the bathroom floor! It was all perfect in the end, though, and I am feeling really proud and so lucky. Jude is so awesome! I can't believe she is finally here.


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