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Abuse questions

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I'm believing this one kid (not mine) getting seriously abused as he requested kids with threats and saying secrets to do things that involved exposing private parts along with getting other kids touch his penis. So then I'm like going this kid nearly spends all this time with a family member every summertime,before school and after school til like 6pm. Even on days off .


Then I'm thinking it more likely that relative that not his mom or dad which gets me worried as this relative watch his sibling and three other kids.


So I spoke to the right people about it but people shared things and said No one ever responded back on that one kid who I believe is being abused and this person believed he was being abused also but there really isn't anything they can do til the kid admits it and says who it is .


These people who are parents of other three kids trust this lady but I haven't as I always wondered how she is wanting to watch kids as she's not social,grumpy,tired,and when some kids are outside and some inside her blinds are closed while the rest are playing outside.


So then after this thing happened with this one boy it makes me think this lady is wanting to watch kids which are Only Boys not one single girl to abuse them sexually..


So are there any ways I could get her not to not have any kids at her place as for a safety concern or some other ways ?

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I don't understand- did you call child protective services? Did you talk to his parents? Those are the first things I would do.

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Yes CPS,Child Family Service ,and Cops were called. Parent of the kid who were displaying those behaviors which created denial in them. So it's like I just believe it's the relative that is doing abusive thing as why would a kid who is almost a 6th grader to be doing that and naming those acts besides saying Secret or doing Threats if they tell or won't do it. So then I'm worried about the other kids there and when I said I'm concerned they said I don't want to listen to that perverted talk.

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Sorry but it's just very very hard to understand your writing. Is English your native language? Are you running your text through an online translator? *NOT* being snide! I just would like to understand and help, if possible.

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Yes,English is my regular language. I have to be vague of this situation as you never know who may be looking at these posts that are related to the events that led me to worry about these boys who this one lady is watching nearly all the time.


It makes me think she is sexually abusing the kids that she is watching especially after that one kid displayed ahead of the game acts of sexuality and knowing he was doing wrong while doing that but still did those things with other kids.


The reason why I believe she's the one because its the one he and his brother spend nearly all the time there.


I couldn't see the parents doing that but the one lady is who related to the parents makes me more likely it is her.


I could never understand why she wants to watch kids as she's Moody,tired,overwhelmed,and a big time complainer. She only watches boys . She sends some of the boys out and closes the blinds of her back door when other boys are inside that she's watching.

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6th graders are hitting puberty and thinking about sex all the time. If he is allowed to watch whatever tv/movies he wants, than that could be equally harmful. If he has unsupervised time with the computer, who knows what he sees? It may not be sexual abuse from his childcare provider.

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Originally Posted by MommytoB View Post

So are there any ways I could get her not to not have any kids at her place as for a safety concern or some other ways ?

i dont get your question. you have already called the authorities. its now in their hands. they need to investigate and decide whether there is anything to the complaint. 


so i am not exactly sure why you are asking this question. 


do you want to know what else you can do? 


sounds like everything has been done. you could call the person whom you reported this and see if they have an update for you. 

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