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What's in your maternity wardrobe?

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I gave everything away after our second. We thought we were done. So I've started my collection over. I've asked a friend if I can borrow her tops. She has about 4... I have,
2 short sleeve
1 tank
2 long sleeve
1 pair of jeans
And all of hubbies shirts when I don't need to look nice;)

I'm a student and will be pregnant for a graduation, grad party, dance recital, a few holidays, and absolutely dinner dates:)

What does everyone have? I like to show off my round bump so I favor ruched shirts... But I need more than just that

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I also gave away or sold most of my maternity clothing! But it wouldn't be in season anyway because I had two summer babies and this one's coming in Feb. I did however keep a nice pair of maternity jeans that I plan to give to my sister when the time comes... definitely enjoying those right now. Up until recently I was able to make do with non-maternity shirts/tanks that were longer, paired with pants (using the rubber band trick) or elastic waisted skirts. I have now invested in three cheapish and plain Target maternity shirts. They are basically long-sleeved tees in neutral colors that go with everything. I can still wear a lot of my old skirts, and pair those with leggings and/or knee high socks and legwarmers. I still wear my old cardigans for warmth, but would like to add some maternity sweaters as I get bigger and it gets colder outside. I have a few cropped sweaters that I got at H&M before being pregnant that I wear with longer tanks (instead of sexy high rise jeans like I used to!). I also have some maxi dresses that have worked well for me. 

I definitely like showing off my bump with tight tops because I think I look better that way. I'm also known to wear DH's old teeshirts but I just kinda look frumpy in them!

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We also thought we were done after our second so I gave mine away too.  Luckily, SIL had gone through them and I had saved some things for her but not sent them yet.  So I still had several pairs of pants, my favorite dress, a couple skirts and a few shirts.  Aside from that I have tried to keep an eye on clearance mostly.  I picked up some tanks and tees on clearance from Target and Kohl's.  I also have a few dress that i can wear pregnant or not.  I love cardigans since those can be worn pregnant or not.  Most often I wear maternity jeans with a tshirt and cardigan.  I do love dresses for those days that I just don't want anything touching my belly.

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I'm currently in the second trimester, so a lot of the time, I can still wear some of my regular clothes, except a lot of the pants are starting to be phased out.


I saved my maternity clothes from last time around, but a lot of them are for a different season, so I can't wear them right now. 


I had to get some new stuff, and managed to catch a couple of clearance sales at department stores, and got real lucky at a thrift store one day (which almost never happens--usually all the stuff they have is waaaay too small for me).


So currently, my faves are:


Maternity jeans

Maternity pants (khaki style)

Maternity pants (black)

A stretchy maternity skirt

A maternity cardigan that I saved from the previous pregnancy

XL sized non-maternity T-shirts (normal size is Med/Lg)

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My friend and I are roughly the same size, so we have a bag of maternity clothes that we've passed back and forth (so far, only twice), but it's gotten added to. 


Favorite item: Gap maternity jeans.  Super flattering and very comfortable.  (Con - spendy)

Others: Lots of sun dresses from Old Navy, a few dresses from Target that are stretchy enough for third trimester and nursing after, leggings, yoga pants.


We were both pregnant in the summer, so there are only a few sweaters, etc.  Maternity leggings would be awesome in winter, I'm assuming.

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I am living in my maternity tights....like honestly, I don't find anything else comfortable to wear. I'm wondering if I am going to be stuck in them when I am not pregnant anymore LOL. I have also been dealing with chronic back pain from this kid, so I've invested in a good pair of back pain shoes which is supposed to cure back pain

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Who makes good maternity tights? I would love to get some to wear with dresses. Something that isn't see through and that has some support.
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I'm on my first and living in:


Maternity Black Pants

Maternity Jeans

Comfy workout black pant-shorts 

4 Ruched tops

2 Maternity cardigans

4 Non-mat (but longer) work tops


From my cousin:

2 Nice Maternity Work tops

Maternity dress (has been great for nice dinners out!)

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