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Ugh, so I'd gone dairy free for a week or two (as well as avoiding legumes+brassica family, chocolate, caffeine, and peanuts). My DH and family bought into the idea that what you eat doesn't affect baby's digestion and so everyone thought I was crazy for restricting myself. DD's demeanor became much more pleasant/comfortable throughout the week, but DH convinced me it was probably due to her getting older, not me abstaining from dairy. On Saturday night I had a salad with goat cheese and a chocolate containing some dairy (chocolate was ruled out as a cause of fussiness by that point). Then yesterday I had a ham sandwich with cheese and butter, as well as buttered potatoes. DD has returned to an intense level of fussiness so I'm thinking it's most likely the dairy. I'm just so mad at myself for not holding to my mama intuition and for believing DH & MIL over my own gut feeling. Glad I didn't let DH persuade me to go out for milkshakes, though.
Poor DD is just so uncomfortable. And you know what? Poor me! We're in for a long fussy week and I'm on week 6 of not having slept more than 1 hour at a time. I'm feeling fat, lonely, and tired. Plus my supply is going crazy. One day DD eats all day long and the next she spaces feedings out a few hours at a time. My boobs have no idea what to do so I'm enforced and terrified of getting mastitis again.

Sorry for the rant! I don't have any mom friends to confide in.

totally get where you are on this!  


the dairy was so key for me and i don't regret it.  especially since my babies are so much easier and happier.  and yes, they get fussy in the evenings, and no, there isn't always an answer, and i'm tired tired tired of seeing 3am, but he's back asleep by 5 and we both doze til 8am these days (yay hubby).  and DS2 does sometimes seem to be on me for 3-5 hours in the evening w/ almost no breaks.  and one day he eats like he's starving, and the next i'm pretty sure he hasn't eaten a thing and it's all my fault.  but since he's not my first, none of this is surprising at all!  nor do i think anyone else knows any more about my baby than i do!!!  though i'm grateful for support and encouraging advice or direction, 


as for the fat lonely and tired, OH YEAH.  but i'm willing to bet gold coins that you are the most beautiful thing in the world to your baby, and probably are holding yourself to a crazy idea of what you should look like right now.  i always feel huge about now, but others always tell me that i look like i never had a baby.  not to me!  but your body just produced another human all formed in itself.  and it will go back down, not as quickly as you may like, but it will!  i often wonder why do men have the bigger bodies, but we're the ones that share our organs, our torsos, and our most intimate parts to make these new people!  


my husband is encouraging now, but he's not always the best mirror for me (thank goodness my house doesn't have any full-length mirrors that i have to encounter) and i just need to wait and accept my body for where it is now.

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www-- it's already been said, but nursing that often is totally normal. DS1 used to only take 15-30 minute breaks between sessions!

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Www- my little guy nurses as much as every 30 mins on and off all day - it is normal! He is #4 and so far I've had 2 that were like this and 2 that nursed every 2-3 hours
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As soon as I had my strength back enough to leave the house (about 14 days pp) i was faced with the NIP challenge. It's extremely taboo to nurse in most public places here. There are these "nursing rooms" in some of the shopping malls but most moms I see are bottle feeding when they are out. So I've been really discreet and have used a large nursing cover and no one seems to care much. phew!

We've just entered into a fussy stage. He wants to be on the breast but he gets too full and just makes himself sick so I've been trying to gauge whether he is hungry or just looking for soothing and if it's the latter i try a lot of distraction tactics before doing another feeding. When i do this he's less gassy and fussy and will have bigger feeds each time and my nipples get spared from being pacifiers. My supply is pretty crazy since he feeds a lot in the day but only wakes twice in the night and doesn't always need a lot of milk to pass back out again. I've resorted to pumping a little bit when he's having a really long nap. I'm worried about getting mastitis with this really random schedule.
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I've just gone off dairy too, to see if it helps her digestive issues. She gets so fussy in the evenings and it breaks my heart. I also have a cold right now and I think she has a bit of it now too. Her reflux has been really bad and she is pooping little bits with almost every fart. She has to stay upright to be comfortable too. I feel so bad for her sometimes. Lots of tears this week on both our parts.

I know it will pass eventually but it's so hard.
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Anyone have completely uneven supply in their breasts?  Just wondering...I have way more milk in my left breast.  It was similar with my first child but seems even more extreme this time..

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Sorry jenny- hope everything gets better soon.

Mamanesta- ever since dd1 I have one side that produces more (known at our house as super boob!) It is noticeably largr
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Originally Posted by mama.nesta View Post

Anyone have completely uneven supply in their breasts?  Just wondering...I have way more milk in my left breast.  It was similar with my first child but seems even more extreme this time..

oh yes.  we call her Feisty and joke that she's on a one boob mission to feed the world.  i have been pumping much of the time off that side and sharing milk, but the other day my little guy took it and drank it ALL, and i was so impressed (i pump 8-10 oz off her in 10 min or less) then he pulled off, leaned back and spit up an insane amount of milk...... i keep him to the other side.  my left breast is way more prolific early on, usually they settle down around 3-4 months to being similar in size and supply.  i always feed off my right side first to keep the supply more balanced.  


it goes something like this- baby cries, both sides let down, baby attaches to right side, left side lets down again, halfway through feeding, both sides let down, baby is done, and left side lets down again.  JIK?dizzy.gif


this week my size shifted down though!  back almost to my end of pregnancy size of 34DDD.  which makes me happy.  

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i got that in an email yesterday! stillheart.gif

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there is a website app that finds breastfeeding friendly places. i've added a place to it locally. it could be a really cool thing if more places get added. 



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reviving this a little just to note a new project in the making. 

here's a link:



basically, they're putting together a mosaic of mama's bf'ing pictures, and i think it's really cool. just in case other mamas want to get in on it. 


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Painful night nursing?  Anyone?


I am not sure what's going on, but for at least the past couple of weeks (maybe more?) her nursing in the middle of the night has been somewhat painful.  Not impossible to deal with, but not something I could truly sleep through, and even drowsing is a 50/50 prospect.  Sometimes I'm really gritting my teeth.  We cosleep/bedshare and I side-lie nurse.  Side-lying is not the culprit-- we do that sometimes during the day and to get to sleep at night, and it's fine.  I'd have assumed her latch (which has never been spectacular) would be better at night/while half-sleeping because it would be more "intuitive," but perhaps the opposite is true?  Or is it something other than her latch?  Stronger suck for some reason, or I'm just sore by then (I don't think so), or...?


I tried going back to the "sandwich" technique to make sure she was taking in enough of my breast, but that doesn't seem to make a big difference.  I do seem to be getting my period back as of yesterday, so maybe that's involved somehow?


Anyone have this issue or any ideas?

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I get super tender nipples right around O (lasts until AF arrives), but seems like it would be latch since it is only at night.  I would adjust her latch at night.  Sorry about AF coming back.


DS has been nursing more at night and I am also sore, but I think it is because his frequency has increased.... 

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Getting AF back...  eh.  I mean, my periods aren't that terrible.  And I'm kind of hoping it will help me lose some weight?  I think I'm in that 20% of women who hold on to weight while BFing, and I'd heard that some of those women have an easier time not just after weaning, but after getting AF back (if both don't necessarily coincide).  Shift in hormones and all?  Not to be vain, but the weight thing is frustrating-- I am not at all thin, but have always been able to rely on certain healthier eating habits + activity = modest steady weight loss/maintenance, and at most now it is going at about 25% of the expected rate.  I know HoP had mentioned the "extra" weight falling off after weaning/return of AF, but anyone else want to weigh in (HARDEHARHAR) on that?

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I think I notice the most weight loss (other than the immediate PP shed of about 20 lbs) is at about a year when nursing goes down a bit and solids increase.  I am STUCK at my pre pregnancy weight (which is 10 lbs above what I want to be and where I was between DD1 and DD2, so I know it is healthy and attainable).  

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breastfeeding also has not made me lose any weight. my mom actually said i'm not "normal" and should go to the doctor. i just stared at her and said everyone's different. thanks mom.

i'm noticing a little weight loss now, but i've not been eating as much. i'm starting my jillian michaels 30 day shred tomorrow. i haven't had the opportunity to do it yet, with naomi needing me 24/7 and hubby working from home. i know he watched me push a baby out but i'm not prepared to let him see me struggle to work out in front of a dvd.naomi's been crawling around on the floor so i'll just keep her by me. i'm excited to get my butt kicked.

buko, how's nursing? 

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I'm just 10lbs above pre preg weight now but it's mostly because of a needy baby and not eating enough I think. I'm hungry alot but don't always have time to do anything about it. It's hard to think of quick healthy things to eat that will satisfy/stay with me. And on really sleep deprived days I don't have much of an appetite either.
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Originally Posted by Jenny01 View Post

I'm just 10lbs above pre preg weight now but it's mostly because of a needy baby and not eating enough I think. I'm hungry alot but don't always have time to do anything about it. It's hard to think of quick healthy things to eat that will satisfy/stay with me. And on really sleep deprived days I don't have much of an appetite either.

I relate. On one hand it's nice to be a little thinner, on the other hand it's only because I literally don't have time for meals.
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Ah yes the breast feeding thread. I'll bring my current woes over here. So I had really amazingly great, easy, enjoyable even, breast feeding for the first two months. Somewhere around the three month mark I realized things had changed. From 2mon-3mon I'd had a few rounds of clogged ducts and one side was always painful to nurse on. After that it all just slid downhill till I only had a few days between each new round of clogged ducts and milk blisters and radiating pain from the nipple outward even when not feeding. I was doing all the right stuff and reading all the right stuff. I then started getting rounds of mastitis too. I have been going crazy in pain 24/7 and exhausted as hell. Finally had an in-home visit with the lactation consultant yesterday. I stumped her too! So far we know this:


-- I have Raynaud's which explains some of the random shooting pains which is unfotunately just a small piece of my pain puzzle

-- My LO has a good latch and milk is getting cleared adequately when ducts are open

-- Somehow there's a kink between the lobules and the ducts and we still don't know what that is!


In the meantime we're doing anti-inflamitory stuff and trying to increase circulation and speed healing. I'm avoiding bras because even the really soft ones fold the nipple area. Doing hot compresses, massages, taking lecithin and doing some new nursing positions. Also doing tear soaks (warm salt water in a mug) and using Traumeel on the nipple area. Traumeel seems to be helping a lot in just 24 hours. I am seeing a naturopath/midwife tomorrow and will probably be adding acupuncture to this mix. I'm trying to find a chiropractor nearby too but I have this funny situation... all the ones in walking distance are these beefcake dudes with sports medicine practises. Hmm, not really looking forward to discussing my breasts with them. I'll keeping looking!  :)

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