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Our baby has arrived!!! WOOOOOOO!!! Updated with pics!

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At 41+3, after 5 1/2 hours of labor from start to finish, including just 2 hours of active labor and 10 minutes of pushing, our third son was born at home November 17 at 8:25 am into my husbands' hands! My shortest labor and pushing phase so far! He is 7 lb 1 oz and 19" long, so, pretty tiny! He was born so pink and peacefully.

DH called me a queen of birthing! Love that man.

I did have a small tear that could have healed on it's own, had I been able to stay in bed for 10 days, but with a houseful of kids, that was not going to happen! So I ended up with 4 stitches. I think the needle of lidocaine going in was the worst part, except for the afterbirth pains, which I am taking Ibuprofen for.

I put on my postpartum girdle right away and it is wonderful! My bleeding is very mild so far, due in part, I think, to the compression of the girdle.

Baby is nursing well and has great color.

All in all, I am so pleased with this experience. This was a labor worth waiting for!
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Wow! I'm so glad it was a swift birth! Send some of that mojo my way please :) Congrats!

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So happy that you had such a great birth and welcome to your wee one!

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yay! joy.gifsounds perfect - congratulations on your little boy

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Congratulations!!  Sounds very similar to my birth experience.  Glad everything went so well!!  What kind of postpartum girdle are you using, I need some support right now?

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Yay!!! If you can make it to 41w3d then I can too! Congrats on your new boy!

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Congrats on your son!  I needed to take advil for the after pains too, my babe was nursing at least 12 hours out of 24 and they were just too intense for me to handle...but after a few days they went away.  Enjoy your babymoon!

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wow !! what an amazing birth story! 

Congrats joy.gif!!

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Congratulations! I am envious of your short labor, but you deserved it after patiently waiting so long after your due date! :)

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Congratulations!!  That does sound wonderful!  I'm so happy that it went so well for you, and I do envy your patience, good for you!!

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Congratulations!  What a wonderful story!  Love the peaceful and pink baby part:)  So glad it went well and that baby is nursing fine!

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Congratulations!! Sounds perfect!
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Congratulations! Wow....that sounds like an amazing birth experience!!! Enjoy those precious early days!

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CONGRATS!!  Sounds like a pretty good labor, and really great support from your DH.  Enjoy your new baby and all those kiddos (smart move, the stitches, had a friend who wanted to avoid that and the next ten days left the house in such a state she spent forever getting it together).

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Congrats! So exciting :)

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Thanks ladies!!! orngbiggrin.gif I had a lovely birth story all typed up and then my 2 yo DS somehow deleted it. greensad.gif I was so bummed and still haven't been in the right mood or have had time to write it again. Though baby is asleep, kids are in bed, and I'm going to sneak into the bath and maybe write it now! Sheepish.gif


Here's a couple cute pics though:





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Congratulations!!!  Absolutely beautiful!

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OMG, sstop it!  I need more of this cuteness, congrats mama!

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What a cutie!

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What an amazing birth and adorable baby!! Congratulations smile.gif
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