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Exercise Accountability 11/18-11/24--Let's Burn off the Turkey Dinner!

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Well, I was hoping to be able to start this new week's thread by reporting 9 miles for the day, but I couldn't fall asleep last night so I missed my 8AM running group. No problem, I thought, I'll just join up with the Nike run club at 10:30 and do my 9 with them! And then just as I was ready to go DD woke up and wanted to nur nur. So now I face the somewhat daunting task of completing my miles later on today with DD in tow. I'll probably only do 8 miles since I'm pushing the jogger. But hopefully by posting this now I will hold myself to it, because I really don't know when else I will be able to get my long run in.


How are the rest of you mamas doing today?

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I managed to work in 3 miles today.  I hope I have the energy to run again Monday and Tuesday b/c I think the rest of the week will be shot owing to company and Thanksgiving festivities.

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I took an awesome yoga class today. Got real attention from instructor who was making sure I was doing it right, noticing my progress and my weak areas ( my shoulders). Not all yoga classes are the same. Look around.
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Welp, I didn't make it the whole 9 miles, but managed to get in 5 while pushing dd in the jogger. I usually do a medium long run on Wednesdays, so I'll just swap and do my 9 then.
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I've never been much of a runner so your talk of 5 miles or  **GASP**   9 miles (!!!) just amazes me. Also! I wish I had the TIME and the DAYLIGHT!!


I did manage to take the puppies for 3 miles of walking/trotting yesterday, though! Felt really grand. Hope to squeeze this in a few more times this week, and maybe even increase my walk:trot ratio if I feel so moved.

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i am so jealous of you mama's being able to do ANYTHING right now. I am feeling so icky and pukey that I can't even walk around the  block let alone go running or do yoga. even the thought of movement makes me want to vomit.


i am only 8 weeks so hoping in the next few weeks things will start looking up and i can again go back to my normally active lifestyle! until then, i am living through ya'll here...

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Sending you good vibes Shanna-cat and hope you're over the hump soon! It's definitely a day by day thing for me-- some days I'm not even out of pajamas! And on some days when I DO feel good enough to get some gentle exercise, I still end up puking on the sidewalk!!!


My husband has been really good about getting me up. He'll get the dogs ready and be out the door, really pushing me to move at least just a little bit. I think I'd be much more of a couch potato if I didn't have him as my cheerleader.

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I walked 12 miles yesterday (jogged one).  The one mile is really disappointing, so I decided to walk as far as I could.  I'm ridiculously sore today, but I can't wait to get out tomorrow for a mile or two.  It's amazing how good it feels to get outside and do something, even if this little plum is sucking away all my energy!  

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I made it to yoga today. I am hoping to make it to the gym on Wednesday (will probably walk on treadmill).
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Yay, good work everyone ... even those of you w/ good intentions whose bodies are holding them back.  :)


We have a small gym facility where I work.  My work day was grinding on w/ severe frustration so I left my desk around 3:30p for 2.5 miles on the "dreadmill."  I'd much rather be outside, but I'll take what I can get.  I am now 60 miles shy of my goal for the year.  My husband half-joked that each mile should count as 1.5 miles ... for the baby factor!  I'm down w/ that!

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I'm going to do some yoga in a little bit and work my way toward the stairstepper either today or tomorrow. Hopefully innocent.gif .
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Well after the flop that was last week. 0 miles :( and none so far, I have high hopes for today.


I'm gonna try to drag DH outside for 3 miles before we head to the MIL's to begin the Thankfulness festivities tonight. We are also planning in playing in the annual T-Day ultimate frisbee game! 


Good work everyone, you're quite encouraging to this lazy lady!

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Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! 


I'm happy to say I finally got some activity in! A full game of ultimate frisbee yesterday and 4.25 miles today! I'm sore, sleepy but feeling pretty good. Anyone else able to get some successful exercise in? 

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I just realized that my thread title doesn't make much sense, since this coming week is the one where we're more likely to be burning off the turkey dinner and leftovers. And thank goodness for that, because besides Sunday's 5 miles I have not managed to get in a single run! Mostly due to an unexpected ultrasound that my doctor scheduled for me last-minute (I was not at all disappointed to skip the run for that) and then traveling for the holiday. On Friday we flew to WV to be with my family (tickets were much cheaper the day AFTER Thanksgiving) I lost all day Friday to travel, but I was hoping to get in a run today. Unfortunately I've been totally spoiled in CA and was not prepared for the 37 degree weather here! I don't have warm enough running gear for that! So hopefully it warms up soon, because we are here til Wednesday and I really don't want to miss another half a week of runs!

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I hear ya on the long breaks b/t runs, kitteh!  Today (Sunday) was my first run since Monday evening, 6 days ago!  I got out for 3.2 miles. It was hard but it felt good to get off my duff!!

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