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son reports "white stringy" urine??

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Hello mamas {and papas}


My boy is just about 12 and came to me today, distressed, to tell me that he had peed and it was "white and stringy"..  No pain, no burning, just some thick bits. 


I have heard of this, but my 2 older kids are daughters, so have not experienced this precisely.  Guessing it is benign due to lack of all other symptoms, but..  help?  He IS prone to anxiety, so looking to reassure him more than anything.


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Passing on this info from my grandmother for you (she was a nurse for years and had a son -my uncle lol) she said even though no other symptoms are present to get him checked for a UTI. my uncle had a similar issue when he was growing up and thats what it ended up being even without the symptoms, she also said next time he goes pee tell him not to flush and to call you to look at it. 

From my own experience, i am prone to UTI's (it runs in my family i guess most of us seem prone to them) and i get NO symptoms of them until it hits past my bladder so my i have some nifty pee sticks to check everyone in a while at home if it is slightly off then i go get a urine test from the doctor. (total PITA when you don't show symptoms until its in your kidneys O_O) 


Kidney infections are no fun so i'm stickin with my nan on this one and saying its likely better safe then sorry and you might want to have it get checked. i know my kidney infections were never a fun ordeal and i started into that when i was 17 i cant imagine being 12 and getting one >_<  

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Yes, I agree a culture would at least be smart.  He has a doc appt this week on Friday anyway, for a recheck for some asthma he dealt with a couple of weeks ago, so...  we will get it all looked at.  Thanks to your nana!

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You have talked to him about puberty, ejaculation, sex, and whatnot, yeah?  Any chance he didn't want to admit to masturbating and hadn't ejaculated before and ended up a bit surprised?

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Oh yes indeed..  and heehee, he had had a shower soon beforehand, so...  I kind of put that together and did bring it up.  That was my first guess, but he was embarrassed and said no, no... 


Last evening, he said his pee looked "normal" and seemed reassured, so, yeah.  I am going to keep an eye on it and talk to him about it for the next few days.

thank you!

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