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Hypotensive aka low blood pressure

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I've been feeling a bit sluggish in both mind and body, and I have this pounding heart at times along with a headache.  I went to the OB for a check up on Friday and my BP was 82/60!  The doctor (Japanese of course) tells me to go home and go to bed.  And there I stayed for 2 1/2 days.  I know this isn't a big concern unless I start fainting, and I have felt faint before, but I wonder, is anyone else having to deal with excessively low BP?  Mine is usually about 110-120/82-4.  The 82/60 is a big change for me and I'm not on medications.  What is most frustrating is that I was expecting to feel a lot better by now (nearly 14 weeks) and instead I am just dealing with a different set of severe symptoms.  I'm drinking water and my urine is clear so I must be hydrating but it's like my body is on overdrive with the blood pressure reduction!


Oh and I leave for the US tomorrow.  3 weeks of the USA, I can't wait and neither can DD.

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ive had probs with low bp all my life, mine got as low as 32/17 but i was VERY unwell then..

best way to increase bp is to drastically up your fluid and salt intake.. also pressure stockings can be good, and putting your feet up and lying down when you feel faint..

82/60 is moderately bad but its only the top number that is worrying.. the bottom number could fall to about 40 before that would be considered quite low i think.. but a top number under 90 is considered fairly low.. rest rest, fluids, fluids.. in preg its prob due to your increased need for blood in the baby and you not producing enough blood volume to keep the pressure up.. so potentially your getting pooling.. see how upping fluids and salt helps.. i carry a packet of crisps with me wherever i go.. sometimes when ive had bad faints i even just eat salt off my hand and drink a pint of water straight up and it instantly makes me feel at least a little bit better

take care, and go carefully with standing slowly etc.

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82/60 is in my range of normal. I've had low blood pressure and mild anemia for about 15 years. I used to faint until I learned how to see warnings that my BP was dipping and sit down. Once I learned that I see "stars" about a minute before a faint, and started to sit down and lean over I stopped fainting. I still get the stars (tiny flashing pin pricks of light all over my field of vision) and can feel a bit light headed when it happens, but it is usually a sign that I've pushed myself too hard or need to eat. My normal BP varies from 80-90/60-65, and I remember a nurse once telling me I had the blood pressure of an Olympic athlete.


I would second getting more salt into your diet, and eating more often to keep your blood sugar levels up, as BP and blood sugar dips are often linked to each other.


I do hope you start to feel better quickly.

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My normal is around 90/60 and with my DD I got down to 80/60 but I had been feeling pretty good when it was that low so I wasn't expecting to see that change. The nurse asked if I had felt ok and asked if I normally had low BP. I think the biggest thing is that it is different from your normal. I wish I had some advice. I don't even really know what low BP is from.


Congrats on coming back states side soon!

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when i get really ill my bp goes up to 120/60 (from fevers) and i have to explain to the drs that this is HIGH for me :P and then when the fever wears off and they get me on antibiotics it drops down to 70/80 over 40/50 and there like.. ohhh so it is ;)

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Ugh, trying to drink more, I realize I am not really eating enough salt.  I've been trying to be conservative.  But I do see the signs (stars, pounding head, etc) before it gets really bad.  Well, this is just about right for me.  From watching and being weary for Morning Sickness to watching and being weary of low BP nut.gif


I am concerned it might go lower.  I have had lower BP when I was running consistently.  82/60 wouldn't be too far off of that old BP (100/70).  But what will I do when it gets lower?


Primary doctor in Boston wants to run blood work and see how my levels of vits and minerals as well as megaloblastic anemia are doing.  Will get the blood draw next week. 

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