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"Texture" issue - almost 4 week old

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I had an emergency c section with my second son and have struggled to get our breastfeeding journey going which has me pumping exclusively.  DS latched on well within an hour of birth or at least once we got to our room post surgery... latched on once more in the hospital within the next day or so but after having him 'late' which meant many blood sugar checks, pressures feed him to 'get his sugars up' etc, ds learned quickly the difference between silicone nipples and my nips.  He strongly prefers the silicone and even with a breast shield, I struggle to get him to latch.  He developed an aversion to the breast in the hospital thanks to the LCs there and I figured no biggie cuz with my first we had some issues but they resolved once we got home and had privacy and could relax.  Well, just like all kids are different, so is this breast feeding journey.  While I am thrilled to be able to provide ds with plenty of breast milk, pumped of course, I had a HUGE emotional let down by not being able to work through the latch issues.  I can't seem to find decent local support which sucks!  So many things were not explained to me post csection - water retention affected my milk coming in so that didn't happen until almost day 10 even with accupuncture treatments, the drugs post surgery certainly affected my judgement because I would not have accepted so many bottles of formula in the hospital otherwise, ds #1 was finger fed some formula since he was late as well and they wouldn't let us out until he was 'normal'... 


I've tried the baby led latch at week 3 which led to a super frustrated baby so once again I took a break from trying to encourage a latch.  He gets so frustrated so quickly when he is hungry so I try to keep things calm and take it slow when he isn't hungry.  Lots of skin on skin, no pressure, just hanging out with boobs Sheepish.gif anything to get him to mellow out around them instead of getting anxious.  I tried the sns both in the hospital and at home but I'm just too clumsy to get that to work but again it is like he hates the texture of my boob - he also hates the latex nipples and pacifiers... 


I'm headed back to work in two weeks and I know I have to pump anyway so I'm obviously used to that and ds is taking bottles just fine - a huge issue with ds #1 who never took a bottle and I reverse cycled with him when I went back to work part time but that in itself was super stressful since he wouldn't eat till I was able to bf him.  But I would LOVE to be able to get over this latch issue and get ds on the boob so my night time feedings don't involve bottles & pumping!  I'd even be thrilled if this LO did the reverse cycling since at least I knew he was getting all the hindmilk he wanted overnight.  DS #2 is gaining well and producing plenty of wet and seedy poops per day.  


I would appreciate any advice, tips, techniques!!!  Thanks!

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Oh big hugs to you mama! I EP'd for DD for ten weeks before being able to transition and believe me, I feel your pain and frustration! I'm putting DD down for a nap so I don't have a ton of time but I'll post a link to a thread where I explained what worked for us. I'll answer any other questions you have but I'll save me typing the whole novel if you don't mind. I'll reply in a minute with a link. Hang in there!!
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That's the link; I hope you find it useful. Let me know if you have questions and stay in touch! Good luck; I'm rooting for you!
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