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I'm In Labor :):):)

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My water broke, having a few strong contractions!!! Woohoo!! Send good thoughts!
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that's great news - so happy for you after the long wait! sending easy and good labor vibes - may you get the birth you wish for and nurse your healthy little boy real soon :)

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YAY!  Looking forward to learning about your new baby, hope you meet them soon!

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Woot! Sending smooth labor vibes your way!!

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Yay!  Hope everything is smooth for you and you're holding your baby by now!

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yay! thinking of you!
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He's here!!!!!


No name baby J born in the water at home 4 hours after labor started! 10 lbs 13 oz, 23 1/4 in. long. Little boy was in a hurry to get out after cooking so long wink1.gif Will post the story soon! Riding the birthing high now but am going to try to sleep soon smile.gif
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Congratulations! He looks like his big brother :) Enjoy your nap!!

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Congratulations! He is gorgeous. So glad he is finally here safe and sound! :)

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wow!!! What a big boy!!! Congrats mama! You did awesome!!!!

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Congratulations!  What a cute and big boy.  Get you some rest!

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wow - another fast birth! wonderful :) he looks very relaxed and amazingly 'smooth' as in not-crumpled for a newborn (apart from the fact that he is newbornish adorable!). enjoy and rest and let us know the details when you're ready blowkiss.gif

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Congratulations!! Sweet face smile.gif
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Congrats!  Such a fast birth and what a big boy!!  Enjoy your babymoon!

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wow !!! what an adorable baby boy :)

congrats on the fast and smooth birth! 

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Congratulations!!!!! He is perfect! What a big boy! too cute!!!!

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Congrats!!!  He is beautiful!

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Oh hurray!  Great job!!  And he does look just like his brother!  :)

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Congratulations on a quick, natural birth and a gorgeous baby boy!

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