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16mo "Daddy's Girl"... rejecting Mama

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I'm a SAHM, and fairly 'attachment parenting' oriented, if you must, I give my everything & all to this child, since day one... and she is SUCH the Daddy's girl. Which I guess I thought I was fine with. But from time to time it just IRKS me to no end... like this morning. From the instant she woke up, she wants Dada. Only Dada, screams if I try & hold her & console her. Only he will do. He left for work with her standing & screaming at his abandonment, and REFUSES to let me comfort her. 

He tries to comfort me & say its normal for little girls to love their Daddys... but man, sometimes it just leaves me in a pile of tears wondering why she doesn't ever scream for ME in that way?? 

Could use a little encouragement... feeling utterly rejected this morning :/

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Big hugs mama! We are just done being on the flip side of this: DD screaming for me and not giving daddy the time of day. Around 18 months she mellowed out considerably and now shrieks and runs to the door when he comes home. I can understand how heartbreaking it can be but she doesn't mean to upset you. She is fixated on daddy and just needs to get through this phase. If he has time it could be good to spend lots of time with her so she doesnt miss him as much. I don't have much advice, just reassurance: she loves you and trusts you even though she's really looking for daddy right now. In the meantime it may be nice for you to take an afternoon to do something for yourself to recharge while the two of them hang out. She's likely gonna be glued to you before you know it.
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