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Looking for Doula in New Haven CT area

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Hello! I'm looking for doula recommendations in the New Haven area. I would also consider using a student looking for experience. 

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Laurie Sweet!  :)  http://yoursweetbirth.com/ 

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Laurie Sweet sounds great but I really can't afford her. Is $850 the going rate in this area? I don't doubt that it's worth it but I definitely couldn't afford it. 

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There are a few doulas working toward certification in that area but I don't have their info.  $850-900 is the going rate for a certified doula in that area.  Laurie could definitely point you toward someone with lower fees.  You can also try searching on doulamatch.net

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Please email me.

DONA trained, working towards certification
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Also try Brandy- newly trained doula in CT:


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Thank you Leah :)


Yes, I serve Southeastern, CT and travel as far as New Haven, CT.

www.serenitymamaearth.com for more about me!

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I know Brandy in person also--she is awesome! :)

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