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Telling family?

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So, I am 5 weeks pregnant and we have decided not to share with our daughter until we hear the heartbeat.  My first appointment with my midwives isnt until the first of the year.  We are traveling home for Christmas and we are waiting to tell family then.  I am trying to think of fun ways to tell them and one of my ideas is having my girl dressed in a "Big Sister" shirt but then it might confuse her when everyone gets excited and is making comments to her.  Any other ideas for telling family?


Thank you!

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I'm  still undecided about when I'll tell my family, I'm thinking Dec 7 because thats when we'll be having our Christmas celebration.

My mom is kind of nosy and she always asks me if I'm pregnant before I'm ready to share and I've caught her  looking at my stomach for the last month or (before I was even pregnant), its kind of awkward.  I hope she doesnt say anything and out me before I'm ready because I'm a private person and I'll share when I'm ready.


She expects to be told right away, and I will never be comfortable with that.  


Sorry I have no ideas for spilling the beans to family, but do a search for "pregnancy announcements" on etsy and a lot of cute ideas pop up.  I'm thinking of buying this for when I'm ready to go public on facebook, I'll just have to take my own photo to use.



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If you're telling at christmas, this would be a neat idea to wrap and put under the tree.



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Super cute! Thanks for the idea!

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oregon depending on how crafty you are:

I was planning on making one of these as a Christmas ornament for the in-laws. We'll be visiting them then and I'll be 10 weeks, which is still early but we don't see them often and it'll be nice to be able to tell them about their first grandchild.
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Those are adorable!
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Wow those are super cute! 

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Those quail eggs are amazing for my out-of-town parents! A bit pricey for much more than that though... :) 

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