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Good list of (home or birth center) birth videos?

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I was curious as to whether others who are more on-the-ball than I have already found a good resource for the kinds of videos that might help prepare my kids for our homebirth? The refresher would be nice for me, as well, but by this time with pregnancy #2, I had already watched a ton of videos with my 3yo, so he wasn't put off in the least during out labor (and he has a naturally curious disposition anyway)--he even cut the cord. But my now-4yo is a more sensitive soul, and I'd like to prepare him as well as possible without shocking him too much to ease him in, kwim? ;) 


I'll probably go searching myself, but if anyone has any good ones, do share! 



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That one is amazing!!!!!


This is great too!!!


This is one from a MDC mumma smile.gif
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This list is awesome. Its organized from the most gentle introduction (slideshow to music not really showing much) and progressively gets more and more realistic.



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Oy, now I feel stupid--I'm IRL friends with Dionna (codenamemama), and even helped a little in compiling some of the things to get older sibling ready for home birth. I should have remembered the post series and checked there first!

:insert head smack smilie here: (I'm using the mobile site, so don't have smilies at my disposal.)

Thanks for the links!! smile.gif
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I've been watching the 30 on your friend Dionna's page . . . DD was watching with me for a while, and after a while she asked for "real birth vidowees."   I wasn't sure what she meant, but eventually figured out she meant she wanted the ones that were actual videos with sound - the slide-shows, especially the 'tame' ones, weren't realistic enough for her!  I personally wish they weren't mostly waterbirths because I'm just not a waterbirther.


The other interesting thing to me is that for most of the pregnancy/when I'm not pregnant, I feel kind of squirmy watching birth videos, remembering the intensity/pain of my own birthing experiences.  I don't feel that way now.  I feel READY.  Bring that stuff on!  It's time!  (Well, okay, TOMORROW it's time.  And Thursday would be more convenient.  But you know what I mean.)

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I think I shared these on another thread, and I don't know that they're specifically good for siblings/kids/etc, but I love watching them and they're really well filmed:




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