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Hi all,


I'm wondering if any of you crunchy/homeschooling/progressive folks out there would be interested in a little seasonal meet-up~


1) because really, can you ever have too much tribe? I LOVE meeting kindred spirits and so do my kids.


2) Tis' the season to celebrate, and if a little fun learning can be squeezed into that, so much the better!


What I have in mind is a sort of magic carpet ride around the world, visiting different cultures and experiencing their midwinter holiday celebrations. Before I was a homeschooling Mama I did this with my  elementary students and it was a blast!

It was such a wonderful way to learn about the common ground we share with others around the world, celebrating the return of the light.

In a nutshell:

3 or more parents volunteer to facilitate a SIMPLE holiday "station" and kids cycle through (though with a small group of kids it could be done all together). Each stop on the "journey" gives kids a taste of the culture & holiday traditions-- through a story, a snack, a craft project, a brief intro, a ritual like tying a wish on the yule log, any of the above that the parent in charge wants to include.

Also, hopefully some time afterward for kids to just hang out & parents to talk over hot chocolate or tea.


I am a "secular-but-spiritual" homeschooler who has two daughters, almost five and seven and a half, and we are currently fascinated with learning about the world's peoples-- with as much dramatic adventure, storytelling and magic as possible, thank  you!-- and we'd love to meet up with like minded families.


Who's up for a little Midwinter magic?


Either respond in the forum or via private message~ we'll need to set the date soon in this busy season!