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Help with a boy's name!?

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We have two little girls:


Sabriel Eden

Kaia Sabine


We are having a boy (BOY!) in March. Our last name is Murphy, so we're leaning toward Irish/ Gaelic names. What do you all think of:







I like the middle name Tully, which means peaceful in Gaelic and could make a cute nn when ds is small.


Any thoughts or other middle name suggestions? Any input appreciated.




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Just wanted to chime in to say I *LOVE* Lochlan! Lachlan was number one on my list the last time we were pregnant and it's still in the top 5 for future babes!

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I absolutely love the names for your girls. Beautiful! Love the name Tenzin (Avatar! love.gif ) but don't think it would work with MN Tully. Leland (Monk! orngbiggrin.gif ) Tully or Lochlan Tully works well to my ears though. Of the two I think I lean toward Leland. But Madigan is great as well and works nicely with Tully. Gawd, I'm no help at all lol.gif . I just couldn't resist commenting on the awesome name picking you guys seem to have going on smile.gif . Good luck though! It's so hard to choose! We pick out a few names that we seem to be gravitating toward for whatever reasons and wait until baby comes to see which names really seem to fit babe.
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Thanks ladies! Today I think I'm leaning toward Lochlan too, but my opinions seem to change with the wind (or maybe my hormones.) Do either of you want to share your names, either of your children already here, or the new buns in the oven? I love hearing other people's names! smile.gif

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I'm having a boy name dilemma myself.  Urrgh.


I'm currently reading a book I found at the library:  7500 Names.  There's some awesome Irish ones in there.

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Love Tully!

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